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How to Smoke a Bong

How to Smoke a Bong

In a world of vapes, e-rigs, and dabbing, smoking dried flower feels like getting back to basics. If you want to step into the shoes of the original cannabis smokers, a bong is the way to do it.

What is a Bong?

To keep it simple, a bong or water pipe is a way of smoking that uses water to cool down and filter your smoke to give you a smooth rip. Smoking cannabis from a bong should be a great experience: it's important that you understand how to prepare your flower for the bong, set it up for smoking, take a hit, as well as know the difference between types of bongs! Understanding the different parts of the bong and what they do will make sure that you are ready to light up. There are also many different styles and sizes of bongs and water pipes that each create a unique aesthetic experience. Pick your perfect match and get started. 


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The Different Types Of Bongs To Add To Your Stash

Canna Cabana has a bong for every aesthetic and smoking style. For beginners, we'd recommend a classic bong, in either a straight tube like the Contact Water Pipe from Famous X or beaker base shape bong, like the 10" Beaker Water Pipe from VLT. A basic water pipe bong, such as the 8" Raked Beaker Water Pipe from DankStop, is normally made from either silicone, clear glass, or hand-blown, colourful, artisanal glass. Even the most straightforward types of bongs come in a variety of colours and designs to suit your style. We also offer unique and one-of-a-kind bongs that practically double as art pieces. From bongs that look like vases, globes, science beakers, and even old-school perfume bottles, investing in a piece of gorgeous glass will uplift your smoke sesh to feel bougie. 

For a super versatile experience, snag the Echo Silicone Bong from Ooze four-in-one. Not only is it a water pipe, but this piece is a dab rig, a nectar straw, and a vape cart converter. Mix and match the parts to design your perfect session piece, as it comes with an ‘Armor’ bowl, a quartz 90º banger for dabs, a titanium nose for a dab straw (with a boro dab dish), and the silicone sleeve fit 14mm & 18mm down stems as a vape cart converter. Silicone bongs are also easy to transport to and from your sesh since they are less likely to break than glass!

But don't worry - if all of this seems intimidating, bongs like the Echo from Ooze are meant for shifting your experience to a new level. There's no reason you'd ever need to make the switch, if you feel happy with your first bong!

Whichever vibe you go for, it's important to make sure you have all the pieces that go with your new bong, including bowls, grinders, lighters, and of course, your favourite cannabis. For beginners, we'd recommend a lower THC flower to start with like Simple Stash's Indica Bud, or a THC/CBD balanced flower like Color's Mango Haze.


Getting To Know Your Bong And What Each Part Does 

Knowing the ins and outs of your bong will make your smoking experience better, every time! Bongs can be intimidating to look at since it seems like they have so many parts, but don’t let that scare you away! Bongs are a great way to take smooth hits and tone down the potential harshness of hot smoke. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the following parts:

  • Bowl: where the cannabis is packed and is lit up
  • Downstem: where the bowl sits, and goes down and touches the water - the bridge between the water and smoke 
  • Ice Pinch/Splash Guard: on some water pipes, the ice pinch sits in the neck, allowing you to place ice in your bong and cool down your smoke - some bongs may have a splash guard in this spot, which helps prevent water from splashing into your mouth
  • Neck: where the smoke will travel for you to inhale after being filtered through the water
  • Base/Chamber: the bottom of your bong, where the water sits - these comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, the most common being beaker or straight tube
  • Joint: the part of the bong that holds your downstem - downstems will have a joint on the end of them as well to match
  • Mouthpiece: attached to the neck of the bong, this is where you will inhale
Knowing all these parts means you're ready to get smoking! 


Preparing Your Bong For A Smoke Sesh

There are really only two main things that you'll need to get ready to smoke a bong: water, and cannabis! A bong helps cool and filter your smoke, making it easier to inhale. After you learn all the parts of your bong, you will want to fill the chamber/base with water so that the stem is submerged. For an added touch, add in some ice cubes for an ultra-smooth hit, either in the water itself, or on top of the ice pinch.

After your bong is filled with enough water, you will need to prepare your cannabis for the bong. Grind up some of your flower in a grinder and be sure to remove any seeds, stems, or leaves that may get in the way. Once everything is nicely ground into smaller pieces, gently place a larger nugget at the bottom of the bowl, to prevent smaller pieces from falling in. Then, place the more finely ground weed on top. This is where you will light the bud before inhaling. Now your bong is all set up and your smoke sesh is ready to start! 

How To Smoke From Your Bong 

After your bowl is filled and ready to be lit, it's time to smoke and chill out. Place your mouth on the mouthpiece of the bong, hold the bong to keep it steady, light the bowl, and begin to lightly inhale. Once you see smoke starting to fill up the neck, take out the bowl and inhale your filtered smoke. And that’s it! You’ve officially smoked a bong. Take as many or as few hits as you need to enjoy your session. For beginners, we'd recommend small pulls to start, and go on from there. Smoke can be hard to get used to if you've never used a bong before, so make sure to take it easy in the beginning of your journey.

Ready to master a bong? Check out our wide selection of bongs at Canna Cabana, always at UNBEATABLE prices!