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Mango Haze

Sativa • By Color Cannabis
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Strain Analysis

Terpene Profile

Caryophyllene Peppery

Caryophyllene - Peppery

Cymene Thyme

Cymene - Thyme

Pinene Piney

Pinene - Piney


Get lost in a daze with Mango Haze, Color Cannabis’ balanced sativa-dominant hybrid bountiful in tropical flavor. With a strong mango taste you’ve got to try to believe, one hit of this bud and you’ll be transported to the tropics. Thanks to its diverse lineage and abundance of trichomes, this strapping strain is sure to take you places.

Mango Haze has an impressive genetic profile. Parent strains include Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze, giving it a balanced CBD to THC ratio that are known to mellow but still awaken the mind. Northern Lights is one of the most famous strains in the cannabis world, and was cultivated in Seattle with seeds direct from Amsterdam. It’s notorious for its cerebral head high and mood-shifting power, so any bud that descends from it is sure to be an instant favorite in your stash. Skunk and Haze provide this buds’ dank aroma, giving Mango Haze delicate undertones of herbal musk atop its citrus scent and flavor. 

The nugs on this bud are ultra-resinous, with syrupy-sweet goodness oozing out underneath its long leaves. The nugs have a vibrant, almost lime green pigment and are teeming with citrus-colored pistils. Mango Haze has a thick crusting of trichomes that glimmer and shine in the light. When you break the buds down in a grinder, you’ll be awarded with a flood of potent kief almost instantly. We recommend saving some to enjoy later.


The Effects

As with any sativa-dominant hybrid, prepare to have your imagination stimulated. Mango Haze is a great daytime strain and one we love to get productive with. It’s our ideal partner for the Monday blues. 

A few bong rips of this haze get our wheels turning, so feel free to get lost in a good book, great conversation, or even just the flavor of this refreshing, tangy-tasting bud. Cannabis lore claims this bud gives a creeper high, so start with a few hits and wait to feel it come to fruition.

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About the Brand

Color Cannabis

Color Cannabis

Color Cannabis was founded in a time of change for Canada. As perceptions towards cannabis shifted, Color set out to champion and inspire people to be open-minded about the world around them - an infinite palette that is always changing and evolving with light, sound, and color! At Color, they are champions not only for the plant, but also those who take it on their journey with them.

It's time to see our world differently now - it's time to see in Color.

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