Spinach – Sensi Star Strain

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Talk about star power—this bud is the definition of legendary.

One of the most popular and well-known strains in history, Sensi Star is a pillar of cannabis culture, an award-winning powerhouse, and a favourite adored by stoners around the globe.

Since the mid 90s, Sensi Star has been a mainstay in every Dutch coffeeshop. It leapt to the forefront of the cannabis scene in 1999, when it won both the High Life and High Times cannabis cups in the same year. After that, this strain just kept on reaching for the stars. It won the High Times Cannabis Cup once again in 2000, then the High Times Plant of the Year in 2003, the Highlife Cannabis Cup in 2004, and the Highlife Cannabis Cup again in 2010, a full decade after its release!

First developed in Amsterdam by the world-famous Paradise Seeds, this bud comes with a mysterious lineage. While Paradise Seeds keeps Sensi Star’s full genetics under wraps, we do know that this strain is an Afghani indica twisted with the trace of a secret sativa.

Sensi Star is named for both its appearance and effects. Its dark purple leaves and sparkling white trichomes remind us of constellations over a deep forest sky, and its smoke is famous for sending stoners’ minds up to space. Sensi Star has earned its place in our nighttime routines: delivering a powerful couchlock and awesome body stone no matter your tolerance level, it’s a strain we always have tucked away in our stash.

Spinach’s Sensi Star is the perfect ode to this renowned classic. It’s sour, piney, and just a little bit fruity, with gorgeous purple and light green buds, a generous frosting of trichomes, and a super smooth smoke!

THC Content   High
Indica / Sativa    80 / 20% (assumed)
CBD Content    0 – 1 %




The Effects

A potent smoke, a little goes a long way with Sensi Star. Though Sensi Star is a heavier-hitting indica, it doesn’t weigh you down as much as other indicas like Granddaddy Purple: with its hint of sativa, this strain is also uplifting, creative, and just a little bit social! A time-tested campfire companion, Sensi Star is great for finding constellations, roasting marshmallows, and staring at the open sky through the trees as you contemplate your place in the universe.

But if the weather’s too cold, take Sensi Star for a calm night in with some popcorn, a good friend, and your favourite comfort movie. Ours is Ratatouille—what’s yours?

The Grower

Peace Naturals Project Inc. (Cronos Group)

Strain Name

Sensi Star


Indica-dominant Hybrid

Terpene Profile

  • Myrcene
  • Trans-Caryophyllene
  • Alpha-Pinene

Spinach Sensi Star Reviews


Top Spinach Sensi Star review on Leafly:

“Loving the Sensi Star! It tastes good, it’s smooth, and really pretty to boot! Indicas are by far my preferred strains, with Sensi Star in my top 5. Very chill, relaxed, even a little floaty! 😏”

l……e, 5 stars

Top Spinach Sensi Star review on Lift.co:

Love sensi star by spinach

Wasnt a fan if this strain before but this stain by spinach is an amazing high. Heavier hitting indica with creative and uplifting vibes. Overall nice quality product with an unreal amount of trichomes! Will definitely buy this again”