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Western House Crumble

Hybrid • By Western Cannabis

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House Crumble from Western Cannabis is a potent and flavourful concentrate created using a mixture of small flower and kief leaf from our dry trimming process. The combination of 4 to 6 lots of in-house flower produces a complex and extremely balanced extract profile that has a wide terpene spectrum of fruity, earthy spice with a varying backend of gas and zesty lime. Extracted using a proprietary blend of hydrocarbons, through a stainless-steel closed loop extraction setup at extremely low temperatures and you get some of the cleanest, well-balanced concentrates on the market in both cannabinoid and terpene spectrums. The random combinations and quantities of the various genotypes used for each house lot creates subtle differences batch to batch but you can always expect sweet fruit, earthy notes, exotic perfumes, a tail end of gas and a well balanced, and highly potent cannabinoid profile from averaging many different strains. The consistent in-house flowering combos of Orange Creamsicle, Blueberry Lemonade, Loopy Fruit, Strawberry Punch and Grape Slushee ensure a sweet, candy fruit front end in every batch! Add this together with our earthy/gassy strains: Chocolate or Cherry Diesel, then throw in some Matanuska with zesty pungent lime and finish with creamy chem perfume strains like Tahiti Treat, or Face Off and you get a truly unique experience!

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