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Refills - Assorted Air Filter (3pk)

3pk Gear • By Philter Labs

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PHILTER, but make it fashion! Our improved proprietary PHILTER cartridges are now available in 9 exciting colors to mix and match with POCKET and PHLIP sleeves. Offering up to 150 exhales per PHILTER, these replacements provide a more economical and environmentally friendlier option than replacing your entire PHILTER device.

Simply insert the replacement cartridge into your POCKET or PHLIP sleeve to reduce secondhand smoke and smell in style.


  • New and improved airflow and increased longevity thanks to enhancements to our patented core technology
  • Keep your same POCKET or PHLIP sleeve and simply replace the cartridges resulting in less waste
  • 150 exhales per PHILTER cartridge


Cartridge Refills (3-Pack):

- Rose Gold/Pink/Yellow

- Chrome/Grey/Black

- Gold/Blue/White

*Vape pen not included

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