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Monday-Sunday: 9AM-11PM

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Toronto Yonge & College Weed Dispensary


Canna Cabana Yonge St, Toronto

Located in Church and Wellesly, an LGBT+ oriented neighborhood, is our Yonge Street dispensary. The neighborhood is very chill and welcoming to diversity. Every June the neighborhood celebrates Toronto Pride Month with parades and concerts, and draws people from all over the world. With its welcoming residents, it’s always fun to explore this area. Come chill at the Yonge St Cabana after taking a stroll through this amazing neighborhood.

We know everything about smoking in the Cabana dispensary at Yonge Street. Our Cabana crew has been making places for smokers to relax and share their love for cannabis for over 10 years! We’ve made it our mission to provide a positive and welcoming place for smokers new and veteran, young and old. Canna Cabana was made with love, please feel welcome here.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed when looking at the menu at Yonge Street? Don’t worry! We have all of our cannabis displayed, and we added a small description too. Are you still not sure what to pick? You can always ask our nice budtenders from Yonge St to help you. Next to that, our budtenders will also tell you everything about our weekly promos, deals and sweet giveaways! At Yonge Street we try to make the best out of your Cabana experience.

Buy your edibles at our Yonge St. dispensary!

At the Cabana store on Yoge Street, we offer a wide range of cannabis edibles. From the sweetest gummies and the best THC chocolate to our fresh beverages, we have got it all. If you’re new to trying edibles, you can ask our Cabana crew for help. They can help you select the best edibles, suitable for you and your preferences.

All round dispensary Yonge St.

At our Cabana at Yonge Street, you can find a lot more than weed only. We also offer a big range of smoking accessories. From vaporizers and pipes, to bongs and even rolling papers. We have everything in store for you to get the most out of your cannabis. We’re more than just an ordinary weed shop!

Order weed online in our Yonge St. dispensary

There are more ways to buy your weed then just in the shop. At the Cabana store at Yonge Street you can also buy weed online. You just have to browse our online shop and order your favorite weed and the accessories you need. After that, you can pick up your order in our shop whenever you want.

Is our Yonge St. dispensary not close to your neighborhood? Take a look at our other Canna Cabana Toronto dispensaries near your home! Please come and feel welcome at our Cabana!