Campfire Strain

Campfire by AltaVie

Well, the time has finally come, Canada. It’s time to hang up our hockey skates and dust off those hiking boots. Let’s put away the snow shovels and gather our camping chairs around the firepit. It’s the first summer of legal cannabis, and it’s going to be lit. To mark the beginning of the outdoor season, we will be “high”lighting a strain you’ll want to have on hand for those weekend gatherings with friends under starry skies. Often underestimated, Altavie’s Campfire is the perfect choice for a strain you can pass around with your friends while reassuring those who don’t usually partake that they have nothing to fear from this balanced bud.

Campfire has dense, light green buds covered with so many orange hairs that you’ll instantly understand where it gets its name from. If you’re not convinced by the glow of the orange hairs, spark it up and you’ll see; this exquisitely balanced 2:1 CBD to THC hybrid is the right amount of chill with just a dash of thrill. In an instant you’ll be taken back to those long summer nights, when there was no shortage of good times. Campfire contains a modest amount of THC, around 3.6%-4.6%, while maintaining CBD levels of 5.8%-7.3%. It’s really got the best of both worlds and it’s the perfect strain for new or returning cannabis consumers. As for you veterans out there, don’t let these percentages deter you; Campfires’ tantalizing terpene combination of Beta-Myrcene and Alpha/Beta-Pinene yields a sweet floral taste that you won’t want to miss out on.

AltaVie has been a player in the recreational cannabis game since April of 2018, but their medical brand, MedReleaf, has been setting high standards for quite some time before that. AltaVie is unique in their wellness-focused approach, and is committed to providing premium quality cannabis, with each strain being tailored to an individual’s experience. I’m sure at some point this summer you’ll experience being around a campfire, but if not, you know the next best thing.

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