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What are Hybrid Cannabis Strains?

What are Hybrid Cannabis Strains?

Every cannabis strain is genetically made up of different concentrations of THC, CBD, terpenes and other compounds. There are so many ways to classify a strain of cannabis - by its terpene profile, by its genetic makeup, its parent strains, or by the effects the strain evokes in the user. It’s a complex plant, with many characteristics to love. Created by our love of the plant, hybrids are the natural future of cannabis!


What are these strains "hybrids" of?

While none of this is set in stone, as cannabis behaves differently in every user, there are typically understood "moods" that cannabis users expect from different strains.

Indica strains are normally appreciated for their laid back attitude - these are your proverbial “couch lock” strains. Sativas are typically considered more uplifting and stimulating - these are your “take a hit and fingerpaint” kind of strains. There’s a time and a place for each one. When you want to be active, take a hike, chat with friends or create art, opt for a sativa. When you’re looking to mellow out on the couch, overanalyze a good movie, or get lost in a book, turn to an indica. 

But those of us who love to consume cannabis want to do it anywhere, at any time. Many connoisseurs appreciate a more balanced strain that still gets the job done, but delivers a more diverse range of moods. Enter: hybrid strains.

Hybrid strains are the solution to avoiding intense couch-lock after smoking a true indica, or too much mental stimulation from a true sativa. Hybrids are your happy medium. Delivering “the best of both worlds,” hybrid strains are balanced with genetics from both indica and sativa plants, and make for the perfect strain to smoke just about whenever.

Why are there so many hybrid cannabis strains on the market?

Thanks to our love of the plant, the almighty cannabis has been cultivated in places all over the world for many centuries. Landrace strains, the original cannabis cultivars, are considered the only non-hybrid, purely indica or sativa strains to exist. 

These days, cannabis plants are cross-bred extensively. Why? Because cross-breeding allows growers to pick and choose favorable attributes from both sativas and indicas, and combine them in one ideal hybrid strain. Because of the cross-breeding process, it’s unlikely to come across a pure sativa or indica, and there are a multitude of hybrid brands in the Canadian market.

Hybrid strains are just as high-quality as true indicas or sativas. There’s no “right” or “wrong” strain to choose, and cross-breeding parent strains does not minimize the effect or potency of the cannabis plant at all.


How should I choose a hybrid cannabis strain?

All hybrid strains like Jungle Breath from Citizen Stash and Cherry Jam from Wagners contain a balance of attributes from both indica and sativa strains. Select a hybrid cannabis strain as you would any other - check out the product description, terpene profile, and reviews we’ve provided under each strain’s listing. Terpenes let you know how the bud tastes and smells, and what colors you can expect to pop up as you break up the nugs. Look at the bud’s THC percentage and choose one that aligns best with the experience you’d like to have. A high THC content means a stronger bud. Any strain - indica, sativa, or hybrid - has the potential to carry a high THC percentage, so keep this in mind when choosing a flower.

Hybrids are broken into three categories, indica-dominant, sativa-dominant or a 50/50 split. This means, despite being a balanced blend of both strains, some strains tip the scales and lean a little toward one over the other. Diesel by Spinach is one of many hybrid strains that leans more toward the sativa side - so you can enjoy the mentally stimulating effects of a sativa without feeling too overstimulated. Similarly, Go Steady - Black Cherry Punch from FIGR is one of many indica dominant hybrids hailed for its chill vibe without being too heavy.

Trying cartridges, edibles, or flowers from different hybrids teaches you what you like and what you don’t like in a cannabis strain. Experimenting with different hybrids is one of the best ways to maximize and personalize your experience with cannabis.

Looking for your perfect hybrid strain? Browse our extensive hybrid cannabis catalog!

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