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A Look Into Infused Pre-Rolls

A Look Into Infused Pre-Rolls

Say hello to the cannabis industry’s latest disruptor, the infused pre-roll. Taking the country by storm, these pre-rolls went from a niche, rare novelty to now making up 38% of all pre-roll sales.


What are infused pre-rolls?

Infused pre-rolls are a distinct type of cannabis joint that have been combined with concentrates like kief, hash, oil, or wax. Concentrates add to the potency of the pre-roll, increasing both the THC content and changing the taste. They come in many different flavours and concentrate combinations, from fruity flavoured distillate to spicy hash.

Some infused pre-rolls are created with specific terpenes in mind. For example, by adding more limonene to an infused pre-roll, you can add a touch of citrus flavor or enhance a pre-existing lemon scent in your bud. Some infused pre-rolls are even available with flavor-filled filters, changing the smoke’s taste as you inhale.

Infused pre-rolls

What goes into an infused pre-roll?


Powdery and rich in THC, kief comes from the trichomes and resinous glands on cannabis plants. Kief can be dusted on top of ground flower in the joint, or even is even used to coat the pre-roll!



Hash is a classic concentrate made by extracting and compressing trichomes from cannabis plants. It is less concentrated than distillate, and so adds a less intense boost of THC.


Oils or distillates

A liquid form of cannabis concentrate that goes through a meticulous refining process to remove impurities. Distillates are very potent, and often are combined with flavours like fruit, chocolate, or spice. 


Wax or shatter

Highly concentrated forms of cannabis, wax and shatter are normally dabbed in rigs. While very similar, wax has a soft consistency, while shatter is glassier and brittle. Both wax and shatter can be broken down into small pieces and blended with flower, either in an infused pre-roll or in a bong bowl.

Infused pre rolls display

Make your own infused pre-roll!

If you’ve got time on your side and your own ingredients, you can infuse your favourite flower and roll your own to make a truly personalized experience.


Step 1: Prep Your Cannabis

Break down your favourite flower and your favourite concentrate, then put them together. If you’re using hash, you can gently heat up the concentrate and add a thin line of it horizontally across the ground flower in the joint. Oils can be dropped atop the flower using a dropper tool, and kief, wax or shatter can be broken up and added right to the top of flower. 

Step 2: Roll It Up!

Roll the infused mixture into a joint or blunt with rolling papers. Fun tip: try different flavored rolling papers in combination with different flavours of concentrate! 

Step 3: Finish Your Infused Pre-Roll

For an added customization, concentrate can be added to the outside of your infused pre-roll. Try drizzling on warm concentrate or rolling it in kief!


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