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2023 Holiday Cannabis Gift Guide

2023 Holiday Cannabis Gift Guide

Not sure what to pick up for the holidays? Check out our top cannabis picks, featuring a wide variety of bestsellersvalue picks, and unique and innovative products. For accessories to match, check out our 2023 Accessory Holiday Gift Guide!

Wyld Raspberry Gummy

1. Wyld Real Fruit Gummies

With their huge selection of flavours and sustainable practices, Wyld has become a bestseller in edibles in both Canada and the US! Their gummies are centered around flavours made with natural fruit juice like pomegranate, blackberry, and peach, and they have a full line of minor cannabinoid products that incorporate CBD, CBG, and more.

XMG Root Beer

2. XMG Beverages

XMG specializes in beverages, and only beverages, making them experts in the category. Their most popular offerings are twists on classic drinks, like cream soda, vanilla cola, or fruit punch. Check out their new XMG+ line, which features THC plus other additions like CBG or caffeine!

 Spinach Peach Punch

3. Spinach - Peach Punch Vape

These new vapes from nationwide bestseller Spinach pack 1000mg of THC per cart, the maximum possible. They take inspiration from Peaches and Cream, a phenotype of the classic Skunk #1, bringing a fresh peach and slightly sweet flavour.

Good Supply Juiced Discovery Pack

4. Good Supply - Juiced Discovery Pack

This mixed pack from Good Supply gets you three high flavour infused pre-rolls without having to choose between them. Each pre-roll is packed with distillate from Good Supply’s fruity vapes: included are Groovy Grape, Maui Mango, and Orange Oasis!

Redees King Pack

5. Redecan Royal Collection - King Pack (70pk)

All the pre-rolls, none of the rolling. This King Pack brings you one ounce of flower in 70 x 0.4g ready to-go pre-rolls, sealed in packs of 10 to preserve freshness. Available in Wappa, Cold Creek Kush, and Warlock – and always made with all bud, no shake!

Holy Mountain Frozen Lemons

6. Holy Mountain – Frozen Lemons 28g Flower

Released this year from Holy Mountain, this flower is ready to roll, pack, or vape. Frozen Lemons is a limonene-forward sativa with an aroma that is equal parts sour lemon and zest, with a little bit of sweetness. This is potent flower, with a THC range of 20-26%!

Spinach GMO Cookies

7. Spinach – GMO Cookies 28g Flower

GMO (Garlic, Mushroom, Onion) Cookies is a unique, savory strain with a subtle sweetness. This strain has been flying off our shelves since its release, keeping a place on our top lists every month without fail!

Fuego Berry Nice

8. Fuego – Berry Nice Vape 1g

Always made to high standards, each batch of Fuego vapes averages 90% THC. Berry Nice is no exception, crafted for both potency and a sticky sweet, fruity flavour reminiscent of a blue snow cone.

Back Forty Banana OG Pre-Roll

9. Back 40 – Banana OG 10x0.35g Pre-rolls

Banana Kush x OG Kush cross. This sativa brings tropical aromas and high potency, all rolled into slim personal-sized pre-rolls machine rolled for an even burn. The best part? Back Forty’s pre-rolls come at a price that feels just right.

Endgame Astro Pink Diamonds

10. Endgame – Astro Pink Diamonds

This concentrated indica is crafted from Vancouver Island Pink Kush, a Canadian-born strain that has consistently remained a bestseller nationwide since legalization. With a potency of 80-90% and a high terpene content, Astro Pink Diamonds delivers notes of white pepper, orange, and coffee.

Wrapping it up

Want more? Drop by your local Canna Cabana and get real, honest recommendations from our star team of budtenders. Whether you’re looking for the right flower, concentrate, or vape—we’d love to help you find it!