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2023: A Year in Review

2023: A Year in Review

With 2024 all rolled up, we’re taking the time to look back fondly on a great year filled with great weed. Growers have become even more competitive, releasing new and innovative twists that have been flying off our shelves.

Our list features unique innovations, best-sellers, and a few honorable mentions that deserve a spot in this year’s greatest hits.

Flower & Pre-Rolls

Even as discreet ‘no-burn’ products like vapes or edibles grow in popularity, dried flower remains a classic. In 2023, the most popular format nationwide became a showcase of rare genetics, high potencies, and high quality ounce bags. It would be hard to ignore infused pre-rolls as the fastest growing category this year, featuring flavours from General Admission that were the soundtrack to our summer.

1. Fraser Valley – Donny Burger (28g)

Donny Burger hit shelves this year with a bang, becoming our uncontested top ounce bag for most of the spring and summer. Fraser Valley’s ounce bags feature quality flower at unheard-of prices, and this funky GMO Cookies x Han Solo Burger had us salivating with cheesy, garlicky, and gassy nugs that burned like butter.

2. General Admission – Tiger Blood Infused Pre-Rolls (3x0.5g)

If you ask most budtenders, the flavour on every customer’s lips was Tiger Blood. We couldn’t get enough of the aromatic watermelon and bright strawberry with a twist of coconut that these potent joints are known for. General Admission got us all excited about kief-rolled joints, and countless other brands have scrambled to follow the leader. Is this what Tiger Blood tastes like? For the tiger’s sake, we hope not.

3. Redecan – Animal Rntz (3.5g)

This Animal CKS x Runtz cross went in and out of stock all year. One of the first flower packs to regularly hit above 30% THC, Animal Rntz was all about high potency with a sweet and sour fruitiness. Since legalization, Redecan has been impressing us with daily drivers that hit hard for low dollars, and Animal Rntz has been their best delivery since Wappa.

4. Good Supply – Sweet Berry Kush (28g)

Lime green Good Supply bags have been flying high at Canna Cabana since Jean Guy hit the scene, and for the low-price high-THC crowd you’d be hard pressed to find a more consistent ounce bag. This year Good Supply became known for hitting new PB’s in potency while continuing to deliver huge price savings. Sweet Berry Kush is a Banana OG x Purple Punch cross that delivers big berry flavour at big value, most recently spotted at 27%.

5. Hiway – Indica & Sativa Pre-Rolls (2x1g)

Two grams for under ten bucks? Many of you said what we were all thinking: yes, please. With straightforward ‘Slow Lane’ indica & ‘Fast Lane’ sativa offerings, Hiway pre-rolls are a regular addition to shopping bags at all times of the year.

Vapes & Concentrates

Concentrate buyers want high potency and high flavour, and today’s legal weed is delivering. In the early days of legalization selection in these categories was lacking; this year, producers delivered a huge roster of vapes bursting with unique flavours, affordable concentrates that were terpy and delicious, and live resin vapes from top brands that caught fire.

6. Endgame – Mosa x Blood Orange Vape (1g)

Endgame brought us a huge line of new vapes, diamonds, waxes, infused flower, shatter, and sauce that saw them become a top brand for concentrates. Leading the pack this year from Endgame was their Mosa x Blood Orange vape, a citrusy cart that is still our top cart nationwide, and was one of the first to break 90% potency on a 1g.

7. Spinach – Peach Punch Vape (1.2g)

There’s no year in review without Spinach. With non-stop new releases and legendary genetics, Spinach is one of the nation’s best-selling producers, period. This new vape is no exception—stuffed with 1000mg of THC, Peach Punch delivers sweet peach and cream flavours in a high potency package, at a new low price for 1.2g vapes.

8. Roilty – King’s Kush Live Resin (1g)

All hail this classic king! Roilty’s indica-dominant live resin, extracted from a landrace strain from the Hindu Kush region, brings a subtle earthy citrus smell reminiscent of 70s kush strains. King’s Kush entered its glory days this year, putting in work as an early innovator in the live resin vape scene with a true-to-flower experience that rules.

9. Sticky Greens – Sweet Freeze Vape (1g)

Sticky Greens is known for their wacky, nostalgic flavours that make us think of simpler times. Sweet Freeze is inspired by the classic frosty white summer treat, delivering a sweet and sticky tartness you don’t have to rip open with your teeth. Expect high potency (of course).


More flavours, more gummies! This year, we saw a new trend in edibles that incorporate minor cannabinoids like CBN, CBC, and THCV. Although edible extracts went away temporarily in May (returning soon, we hear), new low-cost 10mg gummies have hit the market giving customers more THC at accessible prices.

10. Pearls by Gron – Blue Razzleberry (5-Pack)

We’re not exactly sure what a Razzleberry is, but it tastes great. Razzleberry is part of Gron’s new line of edibles that let you easily manage dosage, with 5 to 25 Pearls per pack blending THC with minor cannabinoids and unique, fruity flavours in a sugary coating. Blue Razzleberry gummies are infused with a 3:1 ratio of CBG and THC, for a unique experience that is hard to describe but easy to enjoy with Gron.

What’s next?

There’s no crystal ball at Canna Cabana, but we believe that many producers are looking at 2024 as an exciting year for taking innovation to the next level. The last few years have been all about more THC in products like vapes, dried flower, and infused pre-rolls, and now we’re nearing the top of what is possible. Products that have something to say with a unique brand, flavour, or gimmick will have an edge when the race for more THC begins to even out.

We also predict gummies at an even better price for 10mg, larger and larger vape tanks (how big can they go?), a new wave of exciting craft flower brands, larger packs of infused pre-rolls with lots of new flavours, and another year of the Best Weed at the Best Prices Altogether. Only at Canna Cabana!