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Hybrid • By Dab Bods

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High-quality extract with high cannabinoid potencies; translucent and amber in colour with strong aroma and flavour. Dab Bods Shatter offers a high-quality, strain-specific hydrocarbon cannabis concentrate with impressive cannabinoid potencies and a translucent, glass-like consistency that’s easy to dab, vape or add to dry flower. Jam-packed with the potency, flavour and aromas that we strip from Canada’s most recognizable and popular strains, our shatter brings everything you want from your cannabis plant to the table. Available in both full and half-gram portions. Priced to appeal to those who want BHO quality and consistency, we recognize a need to educate consumers on the differences and benefits offered by cannabis concentrates and have positioned ourselves through humour and candour to help introduce this efficient and effective product category.

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