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Wedding Pie

Indica • By Back Forty
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Strain Analysis

Terpene Profile

Caryophyllene Peppery

Caryophyllene - Peppery

Cedrene Smokey

Cedrene - Smokey

Linalool Lavender

Linalool - Lavender


Wedding Cake and Grape Pie come together to form Wedding Pie, the latest and greatest indica strain from our friends at Back Forty. Grown in a greenhouse using organic practices, this bud is potent, always packed fresh, and provides a strong bang for your buck.


Wedding Pie has rich, forest-green buds complemented by swirling purple leaves that pop up throughout the nugs. On top of the leaves on these dense, spongy buds, enjoy the glisten of a generous heaping of trichomes, a sure sign that this bud is high-quality and sure to get you a quality high. It looks just as good as it smells and tastes.


On the exhale, you will notice a subtly spicy black pepper flavor profile that’s indicative of this bud’s potency and freshness. It’s a light, but full-bodied flavor, that’s underscored with just a touch of citrus, and its smell matches this flavor quite closely. Beware, this bud’s a dank one, so as soon as you break it up prepare to stink out the room you’re in.

The Effects 

Wedding Pie’s a great value bud that’s sure to become a staple in your stash box. Despite its wallet-friendly price, it still reaches potencies of up to 25% THC or more, an above-average potency for the typical strain. It provides a chill high, but note that it is a true indica, so you may want to save this bud for evening sessions when the working day is done. Enjoy this bud as you wind down or while enjoying a movie before bed— but however you choose to try it, you’re sure to enjoy it.

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About the Brand

Back Forty

Back Forty
Back Forty Cannabis is the only brand of the vape that's available in 0.45g carts and contains two ingredients – cannabis distillate and botanical terpenes, nothing more or less! So if you're looking for a clean way to get high on the go, then Back Forty has your back (no pun intended).

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