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Where to Legally Buy Cannabis Online in Alberta

Where to Legally Buy Cannabis Online in Alberta

When cannabis was legalized nationwide across Canada, it provided recreational cannabis consumers with the ability to purchase cannabis products. Marijuana has been legal to purchase from cannabis stores all over Canada since October 2018. However, when it comes to buying cannabis legally online, the rules and regulations are a little different. 

Buying medical marijuana

Medical patients have been able to buy marijuana online in Canada for quite some time. Since the nationwide legalization took effect, recreational users were granted the right to purchase cannabis online and in brick and mortar cannabis stores. Despite cannabis being legal nationwide in Canada, it’s still up to the individual provinces to decide the specific laws for purchasing cannabis online. 

Before you buy weed online, be sure to check with your local provincial laws in regard to buying cannabis online. 

Each province has different laws surrounding the purchase and sale of cannabis online. For consumers of certain provinces, they can buy from the websites of private cannabis retailers. But, if you live in provinces like British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec or New Brunswick, you’ll have to buy your cannabis legally from a government-owned website. 

How Does Buying Cannabis Online Work 

The great thing about buying your cannabis online is that it’s easy, convenient and highly discreet. When you place an order with either a private cannabis retailer or a government website, your order will be processed and shipped directly to your door. 

Depending on the province that you reside in, there are different regulations surrounding the purchase of cannabis online. In Alberta, you must be at least 18 years of age and provide the cannabis retailer with a form of ID that clearly proves your age. Once age verification is complete, the website will process your order.

It’s important to note that recreational cannabis consumers can only purchase 30 grams of weed per order online. The same amount that any user can hold on their possession at any one time. 

Online cannabis retailers and government cannabis websites take major payment providers like Visa and Mastercard. When your order is complete, the cannabis supplier to process the order, pack your cannabis and ship it to the address you provided. 

To legally purchase cannabis in Alberta, you’ll need to visit a legal cannabis retailer like our store, Canna Cabana.

Buying Cannabis Online Legally and Safely in Alberta

To ensure that you have the safest experience with cannabis, always purchase cannabis from a trusted approved retailer.

If you live in Alberta, it’s also essential to purchase from a legal cannabis website to avoid the risk of breaking the law. Recreational cannabis consumers that are caught breaking the law may be subject to a fine or even prosecution.