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Explore Craft at Unbeatable Prices

Explore Craft at Unbeatable Prices

UNBEATABLE prices on the best craft cannabis in the country: that makes us Canada's #1 destination for everything craft!

At Canna Cabana, we're proud to offer not only UNBEATABLE prices on craft cannabis, but also the largest selection of craft from all corners of Canada. With our competitive prices, we make craft cannabis accessible to all. Cabana Club members can reach for the top shelf - for less!

Check out your local Canna Cabana for pop-ups and swag from well-known craft growers Simply Bare, Carmel, Highland Grow, Broken Coast, BZAM x DUNN, BC Black, Sitka, Cookies, North 40, Sugarbud, Coast Mountain Cannabis, and Ouest. 

For all our Cabana Club members in Ontario, check out a live rosin pressing pop-up from Highland Grow at your local store! See the bottom of this post for our pop-up schedule.

Want to make sure you catch a pop-up or two? We have awesome craft pop-ups happening across the country in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. Give your local store a call and find out what's happening near you!*


What is craft cannabis?

Generally speaking, craft cannabis is any bud that follows a certain criteria for both growing or quality standards. Craft bud is hang-dried, hand-trimmed, hand-packaged, and grown in small batch facilities. This allows for hands on work from growers and meticulous attention to each plant. If you're looking for the best possible quality and the best possible weed, craft cannabis might be just what you're looking for.

These meticulous growing practices mean that craft cannabis is sold at a premium - but at Canna Cabana, our prices make craft more accessible to all. Talk to your budtender about the large selection of craft growers we carry - and explore all these awesome finds at UNBEATABLE prices!


What makes cannabis craft?

Using specific cultivation methods, craft growers get the best out of the plant we love. We often see craft terms on labels and cannabis reviews, but what exactly do they mean?

  • Rare Genetics: Experience flavours, aromas, and effects you’ve never felt before with unique new strains or twists on your favourite classics
  • Hang Dried & Cured: Gently slow dried and carefully cured to preserve terpenes for a more powerful aroma and flavour
  • Hand Packed: Handled by growing experts with care to prevent the loss of precious, potent trichomes
  • Small Batch: Grown with meticulous one-on-one attention, resulting in aromatic, flavourful, and terpene-rich bud
  • Hand Trimmed: Closely inspected for seeds, stems, and any imperfections, giving you a superior cut with maximum trichomes


What brands are considered craft?

There are countless new craft brands popping up across Canada every year. Ask your budtender to point you towards some incredible local darlings and province-specific finds!

If you're looking for some suggestions, some great craft brands we love include:

  • Broken Coast: Established in 2013, Broken Coast grows their cannabis on the shores of BC's Salish Sea. Known for incredibly high grade cannabis, they've kept their sterling reputation for years with their top quality bud, vapes, and concentrates.
  • Carmel: Top shelf cannabis is the name of the game at Carmel. With rare genetics, the highest possible standards, and a push for normalizing cannabis culture, they want to set the bar for the entire industry. 
  • Highland Grow: Grown in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Highland's weed is making waves with our Cabana Club. With unique cultivars and mixes of old classics, they deliver top terps and big buds.
  • North 40: A small, family-run grower in Saskatchewan, North 40 prides themselves on their intense quality control and accountability. They personally test and stand behind their great craft weed.
  • Simply Bare: Organic certified and hand-crafted in BC, Simply Bare's mission is to make the world a better place. Their cannabis is sustainably grown in nutrient rich soil, bringing you back to mother nature. 
  • BZAM x DUNN: Grown in BC, DUNN cannabis carries on the world-renowned BC cannabis quality. With unique in-house crafted cultivars and grown in organic soil, their A+ cannabis elevates the standard.
  • Cookies: Since their humble beginnings in a San Francisco garage, Cookies has had a vision of world-class cannabis. With specially curated strains, they're dedicated to cannabis for the connoisseur. 


Ontario Highland Grow Rosin Pop-Up Schedule 

Thunder Bay Sept 27th (Afternoon)
Ancaster Oct 1 (1 - 4 pm)
Ajax (Durham) Sept 23rd (6pm - 9pm)
Ellesmere/Scarborough Sept 30th (5pm - 8pm)
Elmvale Acres Sept  29th (Afternoon)
Leaside (Bayview) Sept 22th (4pm - 7pm)
Waterloo - Beechwood Sept 20th (3pm - 5pm)
Burlington Guelph Sept 25 (5pm - 8 pm)
Brampton - 410 @ 7 Sep 24th (1pm - 4pm)
Cornwall Sept 30th (Afternoon)
Ottawa ByWard (87 Clarence) Sept 27th (3pm - 5pm)
Toronto - Front Sept 21st (4 - 7pm)
Fairway - Kitchener Sept 24th (10am- 2pm)
Fort Erie Sept 26 (12pm - 3 pm)
Guelph - Silvercreek Sept 24th (9am - 11am)
Hamilton - Barton St Sept 26 (5pm - 8 pm)
Kanata Sept 28th (Afternoon)
Toronto - King Sept 30th (4pm to 7pm)
Toronto - York (Keele Street) Oct 1st (2pm to 5pm)
London Hyde Park Sept 22 (10pm - 2pm)
Milton Sept 23 (1pm to 4 pm)
Niagara Falls - Victoria Ave Sept 28 (1pm to 4 pm)
Toronto - Parliament Sept 29th (4pm to 7pm)
Toronto - Queen Sept 28th (4pm to 7pm)
Ottawa - Rideau Sept 27th (5pm - 7pm)
Hamilton - Rymal Road Sept 27 (5pm - 8 pm)
Ottawa - St. Laurent Sept 28th (Afternoon)
Sudbury Sept 22nd (Afternoon)
Thunder Bay Sept 28th (Afternoon)
Toronto - Yonge Sept 24th (11am - 2pm)
Burlington - Upper Middle Sept 27 (5pm - 8 pm)
Waterloo - Uptown Sept 20th (12pm - 2pm)
Windsor - Walker Sept 26th (12pm - 3pm)
Guelph - Woodlawn Sept 28th (10am - 2pm)
Stratford Sept 30th (10am - 12pm) 
Hanover Sept 20th (Afternoon)
Markdale Sept 21th (Afternoon)
Woodstock Sept 23rd (Afternoon)
London - Fanshawe Sept 23rd (Afternoon)
Kitchener - Weber Street Sept 29th (Afternoon)
Bracebridge - Manitoba St Sept 30th (Afternoon)
Niagara Falls - Montrose Sept 30th (1pm - 4pm)
Muskoka Oct 1st (Afternoon)


Ready to explore craft at UNBEATABLE prices? Drop by your local Canna Cabana or shop online today!


*Available at select locations only.