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What Are The Most Popular Cannabis Strains?

What Are The Most Popular Cannabis Strains?

When it comes to a good smoke sesh, just about any strain can get the job done. Cannabis lovers choose their stash based on genetics, terpene profiles… and sometimes, simply which buds have pretty colors. There’s no wrong way to pick a strain to smoke.

But certain strains make a bigger splash on the scene than others - you may have heard heavy-hitting strains name dropped in rap songs, or mentioned in history books alongside some of pop culture’s most iconic moments. These ultra famous strains command attention for plenty of reasons, whether due to their genetic makeup or role in pop culture history, these celebrity strains are worth the smoke sesh it takes to experience them. Check out this list of the most popular strains in the smoking world - and make it a bucket list priority to try each one.

No autographs, please - meet the most famous strains in cannabis:

OG Kush

You’ve probably heard the legendary OG Kush name dropped in a rap song or two - and for good reason. This is a strain worth bragging about, and certainly worth having in your stash. It’s arguably the most famous strain in the cannabis world thanks to its favorable terpene profile and superior potency. Terpenes are the compounds responsible for how a cannabis strain looks, tastes and smells. OG Kush is abundant in caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene terpenes, giving it a sweet, citrusy aroma and just the right hint of sour. Experts classify OG Kush as a hybrid, meaning it offers a balanced high that’s both calming and energizing.

Granddaddy Purple / GDP

Aside from being the "King of Purple," Granddaddy Purple has a legacy of sharing and caring. Created by Ken Estes in the San Francisco Bay Area, this strain is a dark and fruity combo of Purple Urkle and Big Bud, two intensely popular 80s strains. Thanks to its heavy, retro indica feel, it has kept a generation glued to their sofas and bean-bag chairs alike. If you haven’t yet, take an evening to get lost with the good ol' Granddaddy Purps - you’ll soon see why it’s a legend.

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Blue Dream

Could California’s own Blue Dream be the most well-known cannabis strain on the planet? As a cross between Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream is coveted by newbies and old school smokers alike for it’s delicious taste and smell. As a sativa-leaning hybrid, Blue Dream is a feel-good strain while keeping it cool, calm and collected - giving it just about every attribute we look for in a strain and smoking experience.

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Pineapple Express

This strain was world-famous before it even existed. A film by the same name, which chronicles a journey of two goofy smokers whose lives are changed by this rare strain, became wildly popular before the strain in question was even created. Cannabis enthusiasts clamored to find this word-famous cultivar - so naturally someone had to respond to the hype and actually create it. Pineapple Express is citrusy and tropical, with a strong, skunky musk on the exhale. There are a few Pineapple Express strains on the market, but each one was inspired by the cult classic movie that came before it.

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Green Cush / Green Crack

Some smokers love a strong sativa strain, as it gets their mind stirring and stimulated. Green Crack is a sativa strain hailed for its cerebral effects, and it’s a great strain for daytime smoking thanks to the power boost it provides with every hit. The buds of this strain are beautiful, with bright green leaves and fiery orange hairs woven throughout, making it a fun strain to keep in your stash and share with friends. 

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Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake, sometimes referred to as Pink Cookies, has one of the highest THC contents of any strain available. This heavy hitter has a sugary and tasty flavor, with a subtle tang of citrus thanks to its complex terpene profile. Don’t be fooled by its sweet flavor, though, as most Wedding Cake flowers teeter around 24% THC, or higher.

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Which famous strain do you want to try first?