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Live Resin vs Distillate Vapes

Live Resin vs Distillate Vapes


Pre-filled vape carts have come a long way since Canada legalized them for sale in 2019. Leading brands like Good Supply, Spinach, and BoxHot are bringing new flavours to market every month in shiny tanks with matching batteries. THC potencies are reaching into the 90% range, and users can now enjoy high THC vapor in flavours like Peach OG, Pineapple Express, and Pink Lemonade for value prices ($25-$30/g) in our stores. Products like these are made with THC distillate, which is the most widely popular 510 tank cannabis format.

For users chasing a more true-to-flower experience however, other products might better suit your needs. Today we’re going to take a look at live resin vapes: 510 tank products filled with with full-flower extract, providing an experience more familiar to cannabis enthusiasts favoring flower or concentrate dabs.


A quick comparison

What are distillate vapes?

These vapes are made with a highly refined distillate of the cannabis plant, and these days potencies are reaching 90%+ THC in a 1g cart. Because the distillation process reduces the plant to a single chemical compound (most often THC, sometimes CBD or other rare cannabinoids), it has very little natural flavour. In most distillate vapes, terpenes or other flavours are added: these are often fruity, minty, or unique, like vanilla coffee or strawberry boba.


What are live resin vapes?

Live resin extraction attempts to preserve as many chemical compounds and terpenes from the flower as possible, creating a liquid concentrate that gets close to vaping whole flower. The best live resin vapes don’t have any added flavours, and they aim to create a true-to-flower flavour and effect. While the concentration of THC printed on the label might be lower than distillate, the experience of the product is notably different. Some experienced consumers prefer the effects, which take full advantage of the unique interactions between the body, and the cannabinoids and terpenes of a particular strain.

Choosing between distillates and concentrates is all about the experience you’re looking for. THC isn’t everything!

Live resin distillate vapes

Which type of vape is right for you?

Choose distillate for potency or non-cannabis flavours

If you’re looking for the highest potency, then distillate vapes are the popular choice. Many vape carts contain up to 1000mg of THC per cart—the maximum possible. Distillation also removes impurities from cannabis; it’s so refined that it has minimal taste or smell, which is why producers often flavour their carts to taste like fruit or dessert.

Distillate vapes come in limitless variety, and our budtenders are always ready to recommend trending flavours like Tiger Blood, Freeze Pop, Blueberry Dynamite, or Alien OG.


Choose live resin for a true-to-flower experience

Live resin is more potent than flower, but unlike distillate it isn’t extracted explicitly for potency. Live resin products begin with a flash freezing prior to extraction, preserving freshness and capturing a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. The process is engineered to convert dried flower into flavourful, concentrated extract.

Live resins are known for their aromatics; since the flavours of the strain are preserved, the vapor is less discreet and leaves a lingering cannabis smell. Typical flavour notes in live resin vapes are found in popular flower strains: floral, fruity, gassy, citrusy, and spicy notes are the most common.

It’s important to understand that pure, quality live resin vapes will often be labelled at 60-70% THC in a 1g cart due to the additional cannabinoids and terpenes present. They’re also priced a little higher than distillate;  we believe the quality is worth the cost, and you can try one for the Lowest Price Guaranteed at Canna Cabana!

Live resin distillate vapes 2

Ready to shop vapes?

For distillate vapes with unique flavours that don’t break the bank, try brands like Back Forty, Spinach, -ness, or Xplor.

Live resin carts from Tribal are some of our bestsellers in the category, with the ever-popular Cuban Linx and Gelato Mint strains now available. For more craft live resin experiences, check out carts from Greybeard or the popular American brand, Sherbinski (look for the sweet orange box).

Don’t forget to ask your budtender to help you find the best vape for you. There’s always a new vape on the block: subscribe to Cabana Club emails and never miss the latest and greatest!