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Happy Legalization Day 2022!

Happy Legalization Day 2022!

It's that time of year again, Cabana Club - Happy Legalization Day!

As always, October 17th makes us reflect on how far we've come. From our humble beginnings as a single head shop in Calgary to a retail network of over 140 stores, we're taking a look back at how we got here. 


From Smoker's Corner to Canna Cabana

For over 10 years, we’ve been creating places for cannabis lovers of all kinds to gather, chat, and share their passion for the plant. It's what we love, and that will never change.

We began as a little headshop called Smoker’s Corner in Calgary, 2009, founded by our very own CEO Raj Grover and his wife Rose. Before legalization, being able to sell cannabis in our store was just a far off dream. Until that day came, we were determined to make our headshop an oasis for all cannabis lovers: we wanted everyone to come in, chill out, and feel at home. As Smoker's Corner grew, and we began to expand to more and more stores, that vision stayed as the core of who we are today.

With legalization came major changes across the country, and for us - Smoker's Corner became Canna Cabana, and a new chapter began.


The creation of Famous Brandz

As smokers ourselves, we only want to smoke from the best - but we don't always want to pay that big price tag. In came Famous Brandz, our in-house accessories brand since 2009. Using high quality materials, and designed by our in-house team, Famous Brandz's lines of smoking accessories set the bar for what functional accessories should be, and all at a price you wouldn't believe.

The cannabis industry isn’t underground anymore, and no one knows that better than us at Famous Brandz. With modern, edgy designs that stand out in your collection, Famous is leading the way into a new era - and we’re doing it with style.


Famous Design & Famous X

Premium quality is the name of the game at Famous Design. Our glassware is hand-blown, carefully designed, and built with an attention to detail that’s second-to-none. Famous’s gear looks great in and out of the box. Lined up on the wall in our unique, vibrant packaging, our lines are a reminder that the world looks different now: cannabis brands are evolving to match (and even surpass) mainstream luxury brands that have been around for decades. At Famous, all of this comes with a seriously low price—we want our stuff in your hands, because we know you’re going to love it.


Make way for Dopezilla dab rigs and bongs, adorned with nefarious monsters in dripping graffiti. Face the powerful Cerberus Water Pipe, bow down to the hissing Hydra Bong, or scream for the terrifying Banshee Dab Rig. Perfect for bringing a little flair to your smoking experience, Dopezilla bongs and rigs are all made of high quality borosilicate glass, feature stunning coloured accents, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. These pieces stand the test of time, and are perfect as the centerpiece of your collection. With their stunning quality and unbeatable prices, our Dopezilla pieces will leave you shrieking for more.  


Puff Puff Pass

Based on the strains you know and love, Puff Puff Pass's stylish collections pay homage to notorious household names: think White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream, GG4, OG Kush, Granddaddy Purple, Pink Kush, and Sour Diesel. Whether you’re looking for Sour Diesel’s classic 90s dankness or Blue Dream’s sweet berry tang, Puff Puff Pass has the perfect pipe to match.

Puff Puff Pass’s accessories are as carefully designed as the legends they’re named for. Their Sherlock pipes feature sturdy borosilicate glass, a deep and roomy bowl, and a left-side choke to control airflow. Paired with a matching grinder, they make the perfect set for a smoke on the go: toss them in your bag, shove them in your pocket, and bring them to a friend’s place. Just don’t forget to pass after you puff.


Cabana Cannabis Co.

Get a Little Island Time!

Straight from the sunny shores of Canna Cabana, this collection of bongs, grinders, and pipes is your ticket to a paradise. Beautifully designed with ocean vibes, palm trees, and glowing sunsets, Cabana Cannabis Co is our ode to the islands we love.

Created with care, our pieces feature borosilicate glass, stunning aesthetics, premium quality, and even come with drawstring storage bags to help protect your gear. There’s no worries with Cabana Cannabis Co—all that’s left is to kick back, relax, and listen to the waves.

Cabana Cannabis Co: bringing you high vibes all day and all night!


What's next?

The sky's the limit, Cabana Club! Stay tuned for some amazing news coming your way this November - we've got something extra special on our sunny horizon.

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