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How to Make Cannabis Drinks

How to Make Cannabis Drinks

Cannabis can be a great way to chill out after a long day. Weed drinks are an ice cold break from other cannabis methods, like using a bong or pipe. Learn here how to infuse weed into some of your favorite beverages, while also learning how to make weed-specific drinks to add a new, refreshing beverage into your summer rotation!


Why Make Cannabis Drinks?

There are many reasons you’ll love cannabis drinks. The first reason, and one of the best, is that you can enjoy a cold, relaxing beverage without the typical alcohol hangover.

Another popular reason people love cannabis drinks is the taste. Cannabis-infused beverages can be super flavourful, whether you infuse the cannabis into a lemonade or mocktail. Refreshing lit lemonades or cannabis-infused mocktails are a drink that you’ll look forward to all day long.

Because the cannabis used in weed drinks is in edible form, it can also lead to a super potent high. This is a desirable effect to many, and often much preferred over the intoxication that comes with alcoholic beverages. Additionally, weed drinks are a great choice for people who want to give their lungs a break.


How to Make Weed Drinks

A THC tincture is a type of Cannabis-infused liquid that acts as a base for your beverages. This liquid has been around for centuries and has been infused into dishes for just as long. Learning how to make a THC tincture provides the basis for a variety of cannabis-infused drinks.

The great news is that it’s super easy to make it. All you need is decarboxylated bud, a jar, and alcohol, if you prefer. To learn more about making THC tincture, check out this breakdown here! Of course, if you’re not into making your own THC tincture, you can also buy THC distillate and oils at our store. Keep in mind that THC tincture mixes best with beverages, while distillate and oils are better for meals. If using oils, note that it may float at the top of your drink, which not all people enjoy.


How to Measure Dosing

Dosing has a significant effect on your drink, both the taste and outcome. You will need to determine just how much cannabis to include. There isn’t a set amount that makes or breaks the drink. Instead, it fully depends on the person and their preferences. We recommend starting at about 5mg THC and then adjusting based on that. Most pre-canned beverages in our catalog range from 5mg to 10mg THC, so they're a good place to start before making your own.

If you’re new to using cannabis or new to it in edible form, slightly less may be better for your first beverage. However, if you’re an avid cannabis user and a pro using edibles, you may want to up the dose for a more potent outcome. You can always play around with the dosing and find the one that works best for you.


Top Weed Drinks

Now that you have the base, it’s time to get to work and start making some delicious beverages. A few great options that we love include:

Infused Lemonade

What better way is there to cool off and chill out on a cool, summer day than with cannabis-infused lemonade? All you need is some cold water, sugar, lemon juice, and your desired amount of the THC Tincture or oil. Of course, adding in a few ice cubes can make it go down even smoother. If you prefer a strawberry lemonade, cut up a few strawberries and drop them in.

Green Tea

Green tea on its own has a calming effect, so adding your THC Tincture to the recipe can really enhance the effects. Brew your favorite green tea beverage and then drop in a few ounces of your THC tincture for even more of a calming effect.

An infused iced tea is also perfect for hot, summer afternoons. Combine equal parts water and teabags for the base of your beverage. Then, add in a few drops of the THC Tincture. THC doesn’t pair as well with iced tea as it does lemonade but adding in a few drops of all-natural honey can give it a smoother taste.

Mojito Mocktail

A mojito mocktail is perfect for those late summer nights when everyone is clinking glasses of vodka or tequila, and you’re not ready to give up the good feeling you've had going all night.

For this recipe, all you need is a few slices of watermelon, some mint leaves, a lime, sugar, club soda, and your THC Tincture. Use the club soda as the base and combine everything else into a large serving jar. Add a few mint leaves and a few drops of the THC tincture at a time until you find the perfect combination. You can also add a few squeezes of fresh lime for a sourer taste.

Infusing cannabis into your favorite beverages is easy. This summer, trade out the hangovers for a potent high that makes you feel great instead.