Tweed – Houndstooth Strain

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An oak-panelled study, a crime that needs solving, and a private investigator with a Sherlock pipe and an iconic deerstalker hat. That’s the vibe a name like “Houndstooth” gives us, but we’re not fooled—this smoke isn’t as mysterious as it sounds.

Houndstooth is one of Tweed’s proprietary strains, and so keeps its true genetics close to heart. We do know, though, that it’s a refinement of Candyland, a cross between Platinum Cookies and the notorious Grand Daddy Purps. This bud really takes after its parents: a sativa-dominant hybrid, Houndstooth shares Candyland’s energy, awesome head-high, and motivating buzz. This bud’s aroma really surprised us: when you open the jar, you’re met with a strong, chemically sweet scent that slowly gives way to hints of earth, grass, and lemon. We’ll need to hire a detective to figure out how Tweed did it.

Tweed is a leading player in the cannabis game, starting out four years ago in a deserted Hershey’s chocolate factory. They’re focused on the purity of the plant, but also give a not-so-subtle head nod to the culture—the people, the social issues, the environment. They come from the small town of Smith Falls, population: 9,000. We’ll pin it on our marijuana map.


THC Content  14 – 24%
Indica / Sativa   30 / 70%*
CBD Content  0 -1%


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The Effects of the Houndstooth strain

Like the Candyland strain it’s derived from, Houndstooth’s high is mentally stimulating, energizing, and great for a wake and bake. Its moderate THC makes it suitable for all users, especially those who aren’t used to smoking regularly. We giggle, we chat nonstop, and we get things done. At the end of our time with Houndstooth, we slide into a relaxing comedown that’s not too heavy. We’ve also found that Houndstooth makes us hungry: just a little bit will have us reaching for a Hershey’s candy bar.

This sativa is the perfect choice for a deep house-cleaning, an energized social sesh, or—in paying homage the detective that it’s named for—a tense game of chess with an Armani-suited foe.

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The Grower

Canopy Growth in Ontario

Strain Name



Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Terpene Profile

  • Myrcene 65%
  • Caryophyllene 15%
  • Alpha/Beta Pinene 12%

Tweed Houndstooth Reviews

Top Tweed Houndstooth Review on Leafly:

“Awesome body high. Great for those moments when you want to crush the McDonald’s Value menu.”

 –chiefcornbeef, 5 stars

Top Tweed Houndstooth Review on Lift & Co.
“Also good for light users. Typical effects most people expect. Not overwhelming but it’s not to be expected. Taste is okay – nothing special. For experienced users, this is good for being very productive or for work/responsible settings”

MC (Budtender), 4.5 stars

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