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Tweed’s Bakerstreet may be named for Sherlock Holmes, but there’s nothing elementary about this smoke. One of Tweed’s proprietary strains, this indica is a Canadian creation that owes its genetics to Hindu Kush. It’s a fresh twist on a classic that delivers our favourite, familiarly hazy high.

Bakerstreet, like many strains we enjoy today, is a derivative of Hindu Kush: one of the original landrace strains that gave rise to cannabis consumption around the world. Indigenous to the Hindu Kush mountain range that runs along the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, it was first brought to the US in the 1960s by travelers who took the famed “hippie trail,” a route well known to tourists for its beauty and lush cannabis. People came, people saw, people smuggled out the seeds. Nowadays, Hindu Kush is the grandfather of countless strains, and is so synonymous with weed culture that the word “Kush” is recognized by those who have never smoked a day in their life.

With an aroma of wet vegetation, earth, and sandalwood, Tweed’s Bakerstreet reminds us of a rustic log cabin on a rainy day. When ground, we can detect the incense-like, fine herb smell of its Kush ancestry. Bakerstreet’s deeply green and mossy buds offer sweet and sour flavors, with diesel undertones and the slightest hint of sharp cheese. And we know that everything’s better with cheese.

Tweed is a relatively new Canadian brand, their humble history beginning just four years ago in an abandoned Hershey’s chocolate factory in Smiths Falls, Ontario. Since then, they’ve expanded rapidly across the country and opened greenhouse facilities in Langley, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and even Fredericton. To meet the unique needs of different strains, each greenhouse has its own light and growing conditions, ensuring that every plant grows just right. If Bakerstreet is any indication, they’re definitely growing right.


THC Content  14.5 – 25%
Indica / Sativa   100 / 0%*
CBD Content  0 – 1%


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The Effects of Bakerstreet

Bakerstreet is a powerful, pungent smoke. As a pure indica, it delivers a full-body high that has a tendency to lock you to the couch. Don’t expect any rushes of mental clarity from this strain. Its Kush genetics give it powerful sedative effects that creep up slow and stay there—it’s a worthy before-bed trip, with waves of peace, pleasure, and sleepiness. Lights out and case closed.

Bakerstreet is the perfect choice for making everything from art, to spaghetti, to music. Use it to wind down after a wild week or to tune out the world, turning off mind, body, and spirit. Just make sure there’s a spot on the couch ready for when you inevitably sink into it.

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The Grower

Canopy Growth

Strain Name

Hindu Kush



Terpene Profile

  • Myrcene 61%
  • Alpha/Beta Pinene 11%
  • Caryophyllene 3%

Tweed Bakerstreet Reviews

Top Tweed Bakerstreet Review on Leafly:

“This is my GO-TO! This is one of about 7 commercially purchased strains I have tried and it is by far my favourite. No red eyes, panic or munchie frenzies. Consistently calming, a great muscle relaxant and sleep aid. The introverts strain, and a favourite of mine for a couple years now; I’m likely a Hindu Kush girl for life, I can’t imagine not having it on hand. Part of my bedtime ritual!”

Bernhodder, 5 stars

Top Tweed Bakerstreet Review on Lift & Co.
“I normally go with something a little stronger than the 20% Bakerstreet, but decided to try something new and it worked great! The high came on slowly (not a hit to the face) and then crept up to a nice heavy and sleepy stone which eventually knocked me right out for a full night’s sleep. I woke up and didn’t feel groggy either, which is a huge plus! I’ll definitely be recommending this strain at my store and will most likely be buying more for myself.”

jasonandrew94, 5 stars

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