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One of our most popular cannabis strains at Canna Cabana is Twd Sativa, a non-specific blend of uplifting flower from the folks over at Tweed. Since legalization, growers have been dealing with surplus premium weed by blending indica or sativa strains into a general product package for customers, and the Twd brand is Tweed’s offering available in Sativa, Indica, and Balanced.

Twd Sativa is “Good Wd. No Extras.” A value-priced Sativa, we often find beautiful big buds nestled in these affordably priced packs. If you’re looking to sample at a lower price point we also have the 1g pre-rolls in stock, along with larger value quarters (7g) packs.


THC Content    10-26%
Indica / Sativa     0% / 100%
CBD Content    0-10%

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The Effects of Tweed (Twd.) Sativa

Euphoric and Munchie.

Despite containing non-specific Sativa dried flower genetics, Tweed has remained fairly consistent with the strains that are being packaged as Twd Sativa. Typical of bold sativas, Twd’s offering is usually front-loaded with uplifting cerebral effects. We’ve found it most useful as an evening smoke, for nights when we have plans that don’t include the couch.

Most notably, this strain often gives us the munchies. Cheetos, beware.

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The Grower

Tweed in Smith Falls, Ontario

Strain Name

Non-Specific (Though we’ve heard that Chocolate Fondue sometimes makes its way in…)



Terpene Profile

  • Myrcene: 46%
  • Selinadienes: 20%
  • Pinene: 12%

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