Subway Scientist Strain (Dried Flower)

Subway scientist is a dominant Indica strain created by RIFF, a cannabis line by Aphria. The cannabis strain is sold by licensed cannabis stores for recreational use in its flower form. The THC ranges for this strain are 17% to 27% and CBD levels are under 1%. 

This strain is ideal for moderate to advanced users, as it’s Aphria’s variation of the famous Granddaddy Purple. 


Subway Scientist Strain Fragrance

When consuming the Subway Scientist strain you’ll notice that it has a delicious aroma of summer berries, reminding you of warmer days. The berry scent has earthy undertones, mixed with pine that works harmoniously with the berry scent to provide a sweet fruity smell with metallic earthy smell. 

Subway Scientist Taste

The fragrance of Subway Scientist is a teaser to how beautiful the strain actually tastes. The delightful hit on the tastebuds and lungs gives a potent draw that’s packed full of berries. The sweet grape taste is particularly prominent on first inhale, along with a berry kick. 

The earthy smell can be tasted in the strain and is very present on the exhale. 

Are There Any Adverse Reactions 

Like most strains of cannabis, there are a few minor adverse reactions. Users report these side-effects to be very common when smoking Subway Scientist and aren’t anything to be alarmed about. 

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