San Rafael ’71 – Pink Kush Strain

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O, Canada. Home of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, the terrifying Canada goose, and the beloved Pink Kush.

From San Rafael ’71, this indica-dominant strain has earned its title as the most popular in Canada. First created by famed breeder Barney’s Farm, this strain’s genetics remain somewhat of a mystery. We do know, though, that it’s a relative of OG Kush, a world-renowned strain nominated as one of the “25 Greatest Strains of All Time” by High Times. San Rafael ‘71’s Pink Kush carries on OG Kush’s winning spirit: in 2019, their bud took first place in the Canadian Cannabis Awards for “Top Indica Flower.” You know what that makes it? Canada’s favourite Canadian favourite.

Opening a jar of San Rafael ‘71’s Pink Kush reminds us of the first whiff of a spiced lemon cake. Its solid green nugs are covered in bright pink pistils, a sugary trichome frosting, and give off a powerfully sweet aroma with hints of pine, gas, and citrus fruit. We get vibes of an early October picnic at our secret day-trip camping spot. Anyone want to go see the fall colours?

San Rafael ’71 takes their roots seriously. They honour cannabis culture in everything they do, from their top-shelf bud to their own name. For those wondering why it sounds so familiar, let’s take a trip back to San Rafael, California, 1971, where some high school friends begin a hunt for a mythical patch of free weed. To remind each other of their after-school meeting time, and to talk about their search without anyone understanding, they invent a secret code—”4:20.”

Sure, they might have never found the patch (even if they did, would they tell anyone?), but their story lives on with San Rafael ’71.

THC Content  16 – 25%
Indica / Sativa  70 – 30%
CBD Content  0 -1%


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The Effects of Pink Kush

This indica-dominant strain offers a potent, blissful, and relaxing high that glues us to the couch and keeps us there for hours on end. With a powerful body-stone, it’s the kind of smoke you leave for the end of the day, or for a weekend where you’ve got nothing to do but relax and order a pizza. Make sure your fridge is full, or you’ve got that order ready—this strain makes our stomachs grumble.

This Pink Kush from San Rafael ’71 delivers a classic indica high that has us turning on the record player, sinking into our bean bag chairs, and smiling at the faded posters on our wall. The high works for all sorts of relaxing activities, from calling up an old friend to making necklaces out of paperclips. We needed some new bling.

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The Grower


Strain Name

Pink Kush


Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Terpene Profile

  • Myrcene 25%
  • Caryophyllene 17%
  • Limonene 16%

San Rafael ’71 Pink Kush Reviews

Top San Rafael ’71 Pink Kush Review on Leafly:

“Good ol Pink Kush. Old Faithful. Love this chill strain and I love San Raf’s consistency. Always a great product.”

Top San Rafael ’71 Pink Kush Review on Lift & Co.

“Felt really good. Total bliss. The high THC content of 27% is already indicative that this strain is NOT for beginners. This is for those who have a whole day to themselves to do absolutely nothing but feel relax and sleep in between.”

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