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Penelope - CBD Skunk Haze Oil (20ml)

Cbd 20ml Edible • By Tweed
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Tweed Oils are packed with quality THC. -- Convenience is key You know how the old saying goes… That’s why our oils come in convenient, easy-to-spray bottles, helping you get the same amount of THC every time. -- Here’s how they work: 1. Push in the lock button with your thumb. 2. While pushing lock button, twist the cap to the right. 3. Remove the plastic strip in front of the spray. 4. Spray oil anywhere in your mouth and swallow. -- The freshest Hi. yet. All of our oils are made using a non-GMO, coconut-derived MCT oil mixed with pure cannabis extract and peppermint oil. Tweed Oils include peppermint oil as a product stabilizer of which the impact is a mint taste. -- Start low, go slow When it comes to cannabis oil, you may start to feel the effects within 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. However, it’s also important to remember that the effects of cannabis last much longer when ingested rather than inhaled. That’s why it’s always a good idea to follow the “start low, go slow” motto.

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At Tweed, we're not just into growing seeds to plants. We want people to have a fresh perspective on the plant by opening their minds and becoming part of our fabric.

Since we are Canada's leading source for all things cannabis, all our work is about more than just growing seeds into plants-- we want to start a conversation and open minds with fresh perspectives in every neighborhood that welcomes us.

Tweed is devoted to providing Canadians with an unparalleled selection of the best cannabis available. With a wide variety of high-quality strains and innovative breeding techniques, Tweed stands apart in its commitment to quality assurance and customer service alike as it sets new standards for excellence that are unmatched by any other producer.

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