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Indica • By Twd
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“Good wd. No extras.” That’s Twd’s promise, and it’s exactly what you get.

A blend of potent indica strains, this is Twd’s solution to a surplus of premium bud. It’s quality that doesn’t pretend to be something that it isn’t—you won’t find lofty promises or fancy descriptions here. This is just good weed, and it doesn’t feel like it needs to be anything more.

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Strain Analysis

Terpene Profile

Myrcene Earthy

Myrcene - Earthy

Selinadienes Herbal

Selinadienes - Herbal

Terpinolene Lilac

Terpinolene - Lilac


There’s no wondering why Twd’s Indica is one of our best sellers at Canna Cabana. Twd might be a value brand, but it doesn’t feel like it. Along with their Sativa and Balanced strains, this is our go-to for strong weed that doesn’t break the budget. We tend to find big, stunning nugs in our jars, and they’re always delightfully pungent. Who says you need to pick quality or quantity? With Twd, we can have both.

As a non-specific strain, Twd’s Indica has a variety of aromas and flavours. Most commonly, however, we find that these buds give off notes of earth, pine, and spice.

Twd is a part of Canopy Growth. For years, Canopy has been fighting for cannabis acceptance throughout the world. They’re committed to creating global education programs, leading the way in cannabis innovation, and supporting our rights to grow our own cannabis right at home. Want to see their incredible list of accomplishments? Check them out here.

The Effects

As an indica, these buds are deeply relaxing and mellow. They give us a heavy, couch-locking body high that hits long and strong. Watch out though, because this indica really makes us want to eat. We’ve always got our chips on hand before we give this a toke: what will it be tonight, BBQ or Jalapeno?

With this indica’s price being so affordable, it’s the perfectly nightly bud. We love to smoke this after a stressful workday, a long hike, or night of partying with our friends to chill us right out. But whatever the occasion, with our huge Twd stash we’re ready to toke again and again.

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We are proud to be Canadian-grown, and we're a simple brand with one product: cannabis. We offer affordable prices that make shopping for your favorite plant easy!

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