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J2 - Black Pipe

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The J2 advanced on the technology present in the J1, making it the most coveted version in The Journey Pipe lineup. Screenless and heat-resistant, the J2 features a new magnet locking system (so no need to worry about the lid sliding off, or the magnets falling out), and a slightly smaller bowl than the J3.

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About the Brand

The Journey Pipe

The Journey Pipe

Just like the life of a person, The Journey Pipe’s story has had its good and bad moments. In its early years, this item was passed around from one manufacturer to another before Head Choice Inc took over management duties in 2009. Since then, they have been making High-Quality Modern Metal Pipes that are made with non-toxic materials such as heat-resistant metal or fail-proof magnets for easy removal of ash content without having any chips on them!

Now available at their Journey pipes are the real deal and the only ones that come with a stamp of approval. Knock-offs found on Amazon or other websites have potentially hazardous materials, and owners won’t be able to receive warranties for them, which is why you should always go straight to! Journey Pipes are unlike any other pipe you’ve seen before! Journey pipes come with a J logo under the lid that shows they’re real.

If only ordering from TheJourneyPipe, your tobacco is covered by warranty and guaranteed to be authentic. With every purchase of an authentically stamped journey pipe, our customer support will contact you if there’s anything wrong or not up to par for those who want quality assurance in their products.

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