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Original Stash Klik Durban Distillate Dosing Pen

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Strain Analysis

Terpene Profile

Caryophyllene Peppery

Caryophyllene - Peppery

Humulene Hoppy

Humulene - Hoppy

Limonene Sour

Limonene - Sour


Nothing brings the heat harder than some Fire. The Green Organic Dutchman never fails, and Fire is a prime example of the beauty of their proprietary growing process. The Green Organic Dutchman delivers ultra-consistent buds grown only in organic soil and watered with purified rain. Committed to careful consumption, every container of Fire is recyclable, echoing the company’s pledge to be environmentally friendly at every opportunity.

Fire is a high THC, indica dominant hybrid. Its THC content often clocks in at over 25%, making it a favorite among smokers who like a heavy hitting strain. Despite its brag-worthy THC content, it’s beloved for its balance between indica and sativa properties. This strain delivers effects that many consider ideal for anytime, anywhere enjoyment. Fire’s as complex and useful as the element itself.

You need gas to make a raging fire, and this strain sure does deliver the fuel. With a gassy, kushy scent profile, this bud is fiercely aromatic, densely dank and smells rich from start to finish of your smoke sesh. There’s a woody bite to this strain’s smell and flavor, making it a favorite among kush lovers who enjoy more musky flavors. Fire has a slight bite of spice on the inhale, and users note a sliver of fruity-sour flavor as the smoke clears.

Fire is glazed with glowing trichomes that flicker like fire itself under a bright light. This strain has bulky and dense buds that are a unique dark green color. The leaves are nearly black, reminiscent of a wet forest floor after a rainfall. Hues of orange, yellow, and even some purple peek out from under the leaves, and you’ll catch a few rusty pistils in between, but the buds are unmistakably, remarkably dark green.

The Effects

Some hybrid strains deliver their high like slow burn, thanks to their combination of indica and sativa ingredients. But Fire is no creeper – it blazes high right from the start. Go slow and start low to enjoy a comfortable body and brain buzz without burning yourself out too quickly. Once you find the amount that works best for you, Fire is great for gaming, working, or getting creative, thanks to its balanced blend of effects.

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