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The Dirty Hippie PR 1 x 1 g

Hybrid • By F1NE

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An ode to our journey throughout the inception and growth of the industry, the Dirty Hippie Blunt is a potent hybrid pre-rolled blunt packed full of flavour. It’s taken us a while to get here and we’ve gone through our fair share of challenges and hurdles, and we wanted to share with everyone the product that got us through it all. The Dirty Hippie was created in the swells of the Canadian craft cannabis industry as we worked through the trenches and teamed up with some great people; the perfect blending of cannabis and camaraderie. The Dirty Hippie got us through the good times and the bad times; the blood, sweat and tears. Our favourite cultivars blended into one delicious blunt, meticulously rolled by our highly trained staff who ensure the quality is what they would consume themselves – packed evenly, hand finished and smooth-burning. Cultivated and packaged with the utmost love and care, and a splash of some good humour. Sit back, relax and enjoy a Dirty Hippie.

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