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Signature Sauce

Indica • By Blue River

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Blue River™ Signature Live Rosin Sauce Cartridges are crafted using our proprietary advanced mechanical separation techniques AMST to create unadulterated, strain specific, solventless oil that delivers true authentic flavour, immediate effects and the most efficient mobile method for consuming Live Rosin on the market. Each individual cart provides 75+ draws at 8 second intervals when paired with any AVD smart battery. Live Rosin Sauces will vary in colour from batch to batch based on cultivation environments, genetics, and resin gland maturity. IMPORTANT: Always remove your cart prior to charging the AVD battery to avoid overheating the oil during the charge. KEY FEATURES: Strain Specific, Solventless, 100% Cannabis Derived, True Full Spectrum Oil, Broad Spectrum Effect, Authentic Cannabis Flavour, No Additives, No Reintroductions, Pesticide Free, Chemical Free, Lead Free, 510 Compatible, AVD Glass Casing, AVD Ceramic Core, AVD Hemp Ceramic Press Tip, Custom Scribe & Logos.

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