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Quads AAAA

Hybrid • By The Zip

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Introducing The Zip – a brand that’s set to revolutionize the world of cannabis. Quads AAAA, is the first product to be launched under The Zip – a collection of the finest craft flowers, grown, selected, and released for those who demand the very best. Each release features a new and exciting phenotype, carefully selected for its potency, flavour, and aroma. The flowers are grown indoors under full-spectrum lighting, allowing for optimal growing conditions that result in premium quality buds. The plants are then carefully hand-harvested, hang-dried, and cured for 28 days, ensuring that the natural terpene and cannabinoid profiles are fully preserved. With each release, you can expect nothing but the best from The Zip. Each bud is bursting with flavour, aroma, and potency, making for a truly unforgettable cannabis experience. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate craft flower collection – in larger formats – look no further than The Zip, Quads AAAA – the pinnacle of premium cannabis!

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