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Original Formula Cleaning Solution (16oz)

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Purple Power Original Formula will clean any product with ease. This incredible no-scrub, soaking solution is sure to leave all Pyrex, glass and acrylic plastic sparkling like new! Go ahead, try this cleaner on your water pipes, bongs, hand pipes, grinders or ashtrays. You will be wowed by the cleaning strength of Purple Power. -- Purple Power Features • Sizes: 16oz • No Soaking or Scrubbing needed • 100% Natural • Reusable -- How to Use Purple Power: • Shake Bottle • Place item into a container or fill with solution • Shake or soak for 30 seconds • Rinse thoroughly with warm water • Repeat if necessary, then air dry • Re-bottle solution for the same effective cleaning results next time -- Pro Tip – For extremely soiled items, mix table or kosher salt with any Purple Power products for an even better clean. The salt will work as an abrasive, helping to scrub away any unwanted gunk.

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