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Meat Breath

Indica • By Natural History
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Strain Analysis

Terpene Profile

Limonene Sour

Limonene - Sour

Linalool Lavender

Linalool - Lavender

Myrcene Earthy

Myrcene - Earthy


Talk about bag appeal! With its dense buds, dark colouring, alluringly thick frosting of trichomes, and delectable aroma, Meat Breath easily jumps right onto the list of our favourite strains of all time. We understand what makes it one of Leafly’s Best Cannabis Strains of Summer 2020—this superstar is one to watch.

A cross of Meatloaf and Gage Green Genetics’s Mendo Breath, this savoury strain is a favourite with connoisseurs. Just a bit mysterious, part of Meat Breath’s genetics still remain a secret. It was originally bred by the legendary breeder Thug Pug, who crossed Mendo Breath with an unknown genetic, known only to us as Meatloaf. While Meatloaf passes down Meat Breath’s signature aroma and flavour, we don’t know what’s in its makeup. For our smell and taste expert smokers—can you sleuth it out?

Meat Breath’s biggest trademark is its incredibly unique smell. We like to suggest this strain for anyone looking to branch out of the ordinary: if you want to step outside your earthy, lemony comfort zone, this is the strain for it. Almost like a spicy pepperoni, Meat Breath is aptly named—smoking it gives us the feeling of chowing down on our favourite meaty snack. There’s a slight twist to its savoury aroma as well: right behind its umami spiciness is an unexpected layer of gas. It sometimes reminds us of early morning road trips to the campgrounds. A snack at the gas station before hopping back on the highway, anyone?

As a craft bud, Meat Breath is grown to the highest standards of care. Like all of Natural History’s cannabis, it’s grown indoors in precision-controlled, perfectly calibrated lab conditions. They’re hung to dry, hand-trimmed, and cured for a minimum of 10 days. Along with another favourite of ours, their LA Kush Cake, Meat Breath fits into a stellar, super smooth lineup. Just ask our budtenders—since they came onto the scene, Natural History’s buds are one of our most consistently requested.

The Effects of Meat Breath

As an indica dominant bud, this strain is perfect for winding down at the end of the day. Because of its flavour, we like to pair this strain with dinnertime. Meat Breath goes perfectly with a steak and veggies or a mouthful of spicy chips.

Not as heavy as some indicas, we find that Meat Breath is great for early evening, when you still have a few hours to chill out, enjoy your alone time, and maybe get a few things done around the house. We find that even after smoking this bud, there’s still enough energy left to finishing eating and do the dishes before we’re sinking into the couch.

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