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Mocha OG PR 10 x 0.35 g

Sativa • By GreenSeal

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This tasty, potent, sativa-dominant cultivar is the result of an outstanding new genetic cross developed in-house by our award-winning cultivation team. The custom terpene recipe responsible for its comforting earthy/woodsy coffee flavour leads with a spicy hit of beta-caryophyllene, followed up with the familiar ripe, earthy funk of myrcene, and finishing with the nutty undertone of bisabolol. To maximize and preserve precious terpenes, a slowed-down, weeks-long drying and finishing process is employed. Eight of Mocha OG’s top ten terpenes are sesquiterpenes, which evaporate at a much higher temperature than mono-terpenes, allowing the consumer to enjoy the rich, satisfying chocolatey flavour right down to a pre-roll’s last puff. GreenSeal uses unbleached Dutch paper cones designed with a slim tapered profile for a longer, smoother, consistent burn. Each pre-roll contains top shelf flower and is packaged and sealed by hand to ensure freshness and quality.

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