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Hybrid • By Crondizzle

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Crondizzle Live Resin 510 cart is made uniquely by using MAC single source, sun grown flower. We oversee the process from seed all the way until it is packed and delivered to your stores. We start with organic-based practices and time proven grow methods to grow a MAC that is high terpene and THC to deliver a product that is pesticide free and truly top shelf at a great price point. The cartful grow is harvested at early maturity, hand trimmed and bagged for the freezer within a 2 hour frame to insure maximum terpene retention and trichome preservation. All this extra care combined with a careful extraction process makes for one of the worlds top live resin products on the market. MAC is a balanced hybrid cross of Alien with Colombian x Starfighter was made by Capulator (caps cut). The top aromas of the MAC Live resin is one yogurt and orange citrus and diesel that gets sweeter on the exhale.

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