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Chemdawg Ultra

Sativa • By GreenSeal
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GreenSeal's powerhouse cultivar Chemdawg Ultra's mingling of diverse flavours is the result of its signature terpene mix, featuring musky myrcene tempered by the citrusy aromas of ocimene and germacrene. This pleasant earthy-citrus combo is enlivened by a spicy mix of peppery caryophyllene and gingery selina-dienes. The offspring of two proven cannabis thoroughbreds -- MK Ultra (indica-leaning) and Chemdawg 91 (sativa-leaning) -- GreenSeal's phenotype of this high-THC genetic cross sees her sativa characteristics expressed most strongly.

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Strain Analysis

Terpene Profile

Caryophyllene Peppery

Caryophyllene - Peppery

Myrcene Earthy

Myrcene - Earthy

Selinadienes Herbal

Selinadienes - Herbal

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