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Golden Grape

Indica • By Bonfire

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This super premium indica offers the best of the best cannabis experiences. The moment the package opens the room fills with the sweet aroma of juicy ripe grapes. The tantalizing visual bag appeal of chunky, sticky orbs of golden green flower combined with a Pinene-forward terpene profile and lofty THC levels have pushed Golden Grape to the forefront of Bonfire's production focus. Golden Grape began in a dedicated cannabis nursery, where this overachiever rose straight to the top of our never-ending phenotype hunt for the highest performing genetics. The grow team fully embraced the challenge of bringing out the absolute best qualities of this outstanding specimen. They start by cultivating in small batches so each plant receives the full attention it deserves through each phase of the grow cycle. Harvested at peak ripeness, each plant is hang dried and slowly finished to achieve perfect moisture. Finally, each bud is inspected and hand trimmed with the utmost care by the dedicated quality control team, ensuring that every bag achieves its maximum visual potential.

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