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Glacial Gold Clay Mask

Hybrid 75g Topical • By Back Forty

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THC: 0.00 mg CBD: 750.00 mg -- Glacial Gold Clay Mask face mask is a new formulation from Backforty Blends and Pacific Rim Innovations. A lavender aroma with a hint of citrus, the creation of this face mask was focused on getting the "gold" nutrients out of the Earth. It is made with all-natural ingredients, including Canadian Kisolite® BMP Glacial Clay (Canadian Colloidal Glacial Clay) found on the coast of BC. The 750mg of CBD in each 75g jar of Glacial Gold has a high purity and is naturally farmed. The hemp that the CBD is extracted from is sustainably grown and harvested in Western Canada, and features little THC. The hemp is converted into pure CBD isolate by Pacific Rim Innovations, using CO2 extraction. This CBD Isolate is later blended into the Glacial Gold formulation. This mask is to be applied to the entire face, allowed to dry for 15-25 minutes, and gently rinsed with water.

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