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Great White Shark PR 3 x 0.5 g

Indica • By FIGR
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Strain Analysis

Terpene Profile

Caryophyllene Peppery

Caryophyllene - Peppery

Humulene Hoppy

Humulene - Hoppy

Ocimene Fruity

Ocimene - Fruity


Escape to the Hindu Kush mountain range with FIGR’s Afghan Kush, a legendary Indica that’s been coveted by cannabis enthusiasts for centuries. The Afghan-Pakistan border, the birthplace of Afghan Kush, is the Earth’s ultimate source of hash. This alone gives Afghan Kush quite the reputation - its buds grow flavorful and full of sticky resin, not to mention it’ll knock you off your feet with its powerful effects.

As its name suggests, this bud belongs to the Kush family of cannabis. Afghan Kush is just about the closest you can get to the original landrace strains, which are among some of the oldest cannabis plants known to the world. Earth’s very first cannabis plants were discovered in the Hindu Kush mountains, so when it comes to Indica strains, no name holds more prestige than the legendary Afghan Kush. Some hail it as the world’s most potent and pure Indica. Every smoker should try it at least once.

As a testament to its roots in the wild, Afghan Kush has a woody, earthy, and floral flavor profile. It’s famously pungent, but still has a pleasant, musky flavor on the exhale.

Afghan Kush is known to be a sturdy, dank plant that’s shorter in stature than many of today’s cannabis strains. Its nugs are famously light green in color, with little to no variation in shade. Look closely and you’ll see the occasional orange hair, but Afghan Kush has very little purple or dark green color to its nugs at all. We recommend breaking this bud in an herb grinder as opposed to by hand - it’s loaded with preciously potent resin, and you won’t want to waste any on your fingertips.

The Effects

Powerfully chill, this true Indica will do more than just mellow you out. It’s a great strain for clearing your mind and taking the edge off of a stressful workday. As with any pure Indica, Afghan Kush is best enjoyed in the evening … after raiding the fridge of course. Put your feet up, take a few rips, and allow your mind and body to enjoy the mystifying effects of the world’s most legendary Indica.

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