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Grinder - Black

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Our grinders feature a 3-stage aluminum frame, precision teeth, sifting screen, and stash component. Compact, portable and easy to use, our grinders are available in bold eye-catching colors for everyday use. Made from CNC aluminum Compact 4-part design Magnetic lid Plastic pollen scraper Nylon friction ring Available in green, purple and black This 4-part Magnetic Aluminum Grinder is a must-have tool for your smoking kit! This metal herb grinder consists of four parts. The bottom two parts screw apart very easily. The top two parts are kept securely in place by the magnetized lid. The sharp and powerful wavy teeth will grind up your herbs with great ease, even a larger bud, while the pollen screen and kief catcher will filter and collect all the lovely bits that you can scrape out with the included spatula and save for re-use.

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