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Hybrid 2g Extract • By North 40 Cannabis
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2g ($17.57 per gram)
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2g ($18.49 per gram)

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Hashish has been a part of human tradition for thousands of years; however true hashish has become a lost and dying art. In today’s world of convenience, it seems the more traditional ways are being lost to mass production and loss of passion. This became the driving inspiration behind the North40 Traditional hash line. Our goal was to create a product that inspired a feeling of nostalgia but also kept up with today’s high potency demands. We aim to bring only the very best in hashish to the legal market. Created by hand in true artisan fashion, we the collect mature ripened trichome heads from our in-house grown high-grade flower. After being Sifted meticulously to remove unwanted leaf material the beautiful golden resin heads are then kneaded and pressed to attain the “classic” hashish look and feel. Once complete our hashish is set to rest and cure allowing the terpene profile to mature in complexity and nose. Each batch is created in strain specific profiles so you can enjoy all your favorite North40 offerings as traditional hash! Everything that made hashish great has been renewed and amplified to meet the demands of todays discerning customers. We hope you enjoy this tradition as much as we do!

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