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Pedro's Sweet Sativa

Sativa • By Color Cannabis
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There’s sweet, and then there’s Pedro’s Sweet Sativa.

A true Canadian original, this sativa-dominant strain is a uniquely flavoured and potent smoke from fan-favourite Color Cannabis. While we don’t know this strain’s exact genetics, Color has said that it’s a cross of Dominican Sativa, White Russian, and an unknown indica. With a heady THC punch and a high that feels almost like a true sativa, this bud is the perfect daytime smoke.

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Strain Analysis

Terpene Profile

Humulene Hoppy

Humulene - Hoppy

Myrcene Earthy

Myrcene - Earthy

Pinene Piney

Pinene - Piney


As its name implies, Pedro’s is one sweet bud. When opening the jar, we’re greeted by a dominantly candy-like, berry, and citrusy scent. If that wasn’t sweet enough, this strain’s light, airy flowers and pale orange pistils even have a thick dusting of trichomes that make them look like they’ve been dipped in sugar. It reminds us of a fruity Saturday morning cereal—a breakfast that would go great with this energizing wake-up smoke.

Right from the first inhale, we know we’ve got quality in our hands. Pedro’s is a sweet smoke in all ways: it’s not just delicious, it’s deliciously smooth. We know why this bud is a go-to sativa for so many enthusiasts. With an evenly rising, buzzy high and a taste that we can’t find anywhere else, it’s no wonder this bud flies off the shelves.

From long-time medical grower WeedMD comes Color Cannabis, their first recreational brand. Over the years, WeedMD has earned themselves a reputation for quality, perfectly grown bud at a price that doesn’t break the bank. With Canada’s cannabis laws and culture changing so rapidly, they know the world isn’t as black and white anymore—and they want everyone to see in colour.

The Effects

This is one creative bud. We find that Pedro’s Sweet Sativa leans in hard to its sativa side, making us feel introspective, musical, and in the mood to set up our easels. This bud’s buzz is heady and energetic without a hard crash afterwards, so it’s best for the morning or afternoon. Light your smoke, take a toke, and get ready for your day.

With all that creative energy, we want to put it towards something productive. Normally we’d clean the house, or work on our next novel, or get out our gardening shears. But this bud’s name has us inspired—for some reason, we feel like trying on new suits and writing our next presidential debate speech. Our tagline? VOTE FOR PEDRO.

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About the Brand

Color Cannabis

Color Cannabis

Color Cannabis was founded in a time of change for Canada. As perceptions towards cannabis shifted, Color set out to champion and inspire people to be open-minded about the world around them - an infinite palette that is always changing and evolving with light, sound, and color! At Color, they are champions not only for the plant, but also those who take it on their journey with them.

It's time to see our world differently now - it's time to see in Color.

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