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Citrus Skunk PR 3 x 0.5 g

Sativa • By GreenSeal
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Citrus Skunk is a high-THC, terpene-rich sativa with delicious tropical fruit flavours and aromas. The sensory experience when consuming this highly potent sativa kicks off with a bright splash of citrusy/sour limonene sunshine on inhale, subtly followed by the sweet, musky myrcene undertone of a fully ripened mango on exhale. After nearly two years of phenotype hunting, GreenSeal's in-house genetic selection program zeroed-in on this exceptionally strong, skunky sativa specimen. Citrus Skunk's robust genetic profile flourishes in GreenSeal's multilevel indoor flower rooms, where every variable -- including temperature, humidity, light intensity/spectrum, growing medium, and nutrient regime -- is perfectly dialed-in using data-driven monitoring. To fulfill the GreenSeal teams' obsession with maximizing and preserving precious terpenes, a slowed-down, weeks-long drying and finishing process is employed. Seven of Citrus Skunk's top ten terpenes are sesquiterpenes with strong molecular bonds that allow the flavour to last throughout the consumption experience (rather than evaporating immediately once exposed to heat). The slow-finished, hand-groomed Citrus Skunk flower produces a pure white ash when burned, which, along with its smooth flavour, is a sign of it being properly flushed (given water only to remove residual fertilizer) during the final stage of its cultivation. GreenSeal's pre-rolls use unbleached Dutch paper cones designed with a slim profile for a longer, smoother, consistent burn. Each joint contains 0.5g of top-shelf flower and is packaged and sealed by hand to ensure freshness and quality.

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