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CBN + CBD Softgels

Cbd • By Kinloch Wellness

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THC: 0.00 mg CBD: 22.50 - 27.50 mg/capsule CBN: 10.00 mg -- The Kinloch Wellness™ CBZ™ line of products all contain natural terpene combinations. Soft gels are an accepted and precisely dosed way of providing a desired effect without negative flavours or messy delivery systems. Our target audience for these products is the emerging non-THC consumer who is interested in the potential of minor cannabinoids and terpene combinations. -- These softgels by Kinloch Wellness™ contain a 1:2 ratio of 10mg CBN and 20mg CBD in each one. Infused into MCT oil and has natural terpenes including Beta-Caryophyllene, Humulene, and Linalool. There is a total of 30 softgels per package for a total of 300mg CBN and 600mg CBD.

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