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Hybrid • By Canaca
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Strain Analysis

Terpene Profile

Bisabolol Sweet Coconut

Bisabolol - Sweet Coconut

Caryophyllene Peppery

Caryophyllene - Peppery

Cedrene Smokey

Cedrene - Smokey


Purps from Canaca is a sweet-smelling hybrid that originates from an unnamed landrace strain—which are some of the oldest, most iconic strains of cannabis known to man. This must try bud shares genetic history with Mendocino Purps, an award-winning bud from Northern California, so it’s clear to see that quality runs in the family. 

Despite its name, Purps is a surprisingly green bud. Each nug has bright emerald and dark sage colored leaves, only offset by a swirl of orange and red pistils. Atop the leaves and hairs, you’ll find a dazzling array of sparkly trichomes, an indicator that this bud is one of the highest quality. Some purple leaves do pop up on these nugs, but they mostly stand out for their vibrant, rich green colors. 

The bud has a noticeably fruity and floral taste underscored by a hint of pine and herb on the exhale. This bud is beloved for its sweet flavor, so definitely give it a shot if you're big on full flavored buds that taste good. Despite an unmistakable fruit flavor, these buds aren’t as smelly as others, so it’s a good choice for those who like a more discreet sesh.

The Effects

Buckle up, because Purp is stronger than the average bud. We always brace ourselves for a buzzing body high with a 50/50 shot of leaving us locked on the couch, and we expect to raid the fridge shortly after a few good tokes. For a budget-priced bud, you can’t beat Purp’s strong impact and sweet sensory experience—enjoy its delicious fruity flavors any time of day for an enjoyable combo high. 

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Canaca is a Canadian company through and through. From the moment you walk in, it's clear that we're not just passionate about cannabis; we care deeply for our customers too. That’s what makes us different from other dispensaries – Canaca really cares!

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