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Breathe Lotion

Hybrid 50g Topical • By Blissed

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THC: 5.0 mg CBD: 100.0 mg -- Blissed Breathe CBD Lotion is a moisturizing shea butter lotion infused with CBD distillate. Designed for application around muscles and joints, Blissed Breathe CBD Lotion is packed with moisturizing active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract and jojoba oil. Each jar contains 100mg of CBD in a formula that penetrates deep into the skin, leaving a smooth and velvety feel without being greasy. Our lotion has gone through rigorous testing to ensure a high-quality experience. It is unscented for those with sensitive skin. For topical use only. Ten per cent of the profits from Blissed go to organizations that support gender equality.

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