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THC Citrus Shot Drink (45ml)

Hybrid 45ml Edible • By Aurora
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Mild THC - 10%

* Range may vary. See product packaging for accurate levels by batch.

High CBD - 10%

This ready-to-drink, single-serving* cannabis beverage is a simple, convenient and tasty way to dose your THC. Each compact 45 ml bottle contains 10 mg of THC suspended in a water-based beverage with natural orange and lemon oils added for a refreshing burst of citrus flavour. -- Starting with 100% Aurora-grown flower, we use a proprietary CO2 extraction method to produce a high-quality cannabis distillate that contains minimal cannabis scent and taste. Shake well before consuming. -- Research has shown that THC may be helpful for pain, inflammation or nausea/vomiting1.Similar to other prescription medications, dosing cannabis should be done with the careful supervision of your primary healthcare provider. Aurora supports the Health Canada recommended “Start low, go slow” approach. Effects may vary on an individual basis. -- Each THC Liquid Dose will count as 1 gram towards your monthly limit. -- Reference: 1. Baron, EP. Medicinal Properties of Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Flavonoids in Cannabis, and Benefits in Migraine, Headache, and Pain: An Update on Current Evidence and Cannabis Science. Headache Curr. 2018;58:1139-86. -- *This product is intended to be taken as a single serving, as the exposure to oxygen after opening the product may result in degradation of the THC.

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