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Above The Clouds PR 5 x 0.7 g

Sativa • By Blazing Saddles

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Canadians deserve better pre-rolls. Not some shake rolled up into a stubby cone. Blazing Saddles is a connoisseur-grade pre-roll that delivers quality without burning a hole through your pocket. Our products are built on three main propositions: Rare strains, rich terps, and no shake. Never compromising for the sake of convenience or profit, Blazing Saddles pushes for excellence every time. Our master growers have been doing this for decades, well before legalization. We use indoor cultivation exclusively and always hang dry for two weeks to ensure robust curing quality. We focus on new, rare strains, not the traditional ones that make up the bulk of the market. We specialize in rich terpene strains, targeting above 3% for all products. We will NEVER use shake to fill our products. Oh, and we never forget about the roll itself. No more stubby joints that pull poorly or giant bats that you can't finish to your face. We only roll 0.7g, 1.0g joints, and 1.0g blunts. Saddle up, and Blaze.

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