Pink Kush Strain

Pink Kush is a potent strain that makes the smoker feel cerebrally euphoric, it’s an extremely popular variant in the Pacific Northwest and Canada and has gained the respect of seasoned smokers. 


The beauty of Pink Kush is unparalleled, the strong floral scent and beauty of the strain can be credited to its parent OG Kush. The yields of Pink Kush are incredibly rewarding, despite the long time that it takes to complete its flowering process. 

The strain is mostly comprised of Indica and that’s why many smokers enjoy it for its relaxing, downtime smoking sensations. 

The Effects

The Pink Kush strain is mostly Indica variant, so if you’re looking for a smoke that will make you feel relaxed, tranquil and face stressful situations head-on, this is going to be your go-to. The strain will help you to kick back, relax and enjoy a chilled high, that’s perfect for smoking on your own or with a group of friends. 

The soothing effects of the Pink Kush strain inhibit your inspiration while making you feel fully invigorated. The strain is designed to make you feel joyful, happy and lighthearted, enjoying the buzz and euphoria for hours. 

Pink Kush has been known to make smokers burst out with giggles and laughter. Take note, the high levels of Indica mean that the strain could also make you fall asleep if taken in high enough doses. 


The Pink Kush strain has a very strong and unique fragrance that beginner smokers may not be able to distinguish. The hints of vanilla in combination with an earthy and floral tone make it an enjoyable experience to smell and smoke. 

How Does it Taste

The sweet, floral notes of Pink Kush can be tasted and smelled. The distinct fragrance is reminiscent throughout the flavour to provide a unique and enjoyable experience to the smoker. After the exhale, the taste that’s left in the mouth has a distinct vanilla flavour with notes of berries and sweet candy.

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