Moon Strain

Moon, Up Cannabis.

This week, we’re flipping things around with Moon, an aromatic, Indica-dominant CBD hybrid strain that contains a considerable amount of CBD (9-12%) with mild THC (5.3-8%). Bright herbal notes, deep rich earth, and pine undertones come from its Cymene, Eucalyptol, and Alpha Pinene cannabinoid profile to give you a euphoric high, followed by a relaxing, calming sensation throughout the body. This is pretty much the perfect antidote for anytime of the day but is most appreciated as a ‘wake and bake’ or ‘after dinner’ strain where it can effectively bookend the day’s experiences, while bringing clarity to whatever you plan in between.

Up Cannabis prescribes to the Mozart Effect, growing this gem to the sounds of music in their “Great Emerald Hall” greenhouse, where the dense buds with rich forest green pigmentation, purple hues and thick coating of trichomes are hand sorted and hand-trimmed in order to preserve trichome integrity.  A perfect strain for beginners and experienced users alike, everything seems to become effortless, to the extent that you doubt the need for an Infinity Gauntlet to achieve what lofty goals you may have. It’s the perfect complement to a high-THC Sativa like our first feature, Delahaze – focusing a turbulent and exciting mind with a calm and clarity that anchors you in reality.

While other LPs are often willing to divulge genetic lineage (like Donegal from Canopy actually being ‘Chemdawg’), Up Cannabis feels like that would take away from what they’ve created.  Up’s Master Grower, Scott believes they’ve hit on something special with each of their strain selections and to label them with the conventional street names simply would not do Up’s efforts in the selection and branding any justice.

If you want my guess, the incredibly aromatic character of Moon, which lasts, and lasts, is suggestive of a God Bud cross.  Up holds their cards close to their chests and will neither confirm nor deny my suspicions – which only serves to pique my curiosity further. Undoubtedly, this is all part of Up’s Master Plan.

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